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21AL-0082E:  Advice No. 1848 - Solar*Rewards Income-Qualified ("SRCS-IQ")

     -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                   -  Advice Letter  (PDF)

     -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)              -  Motion for Alternative form of Notice  (PDF)

21A-0071G:  2021 Pipeline System Integrity Adjustment ("PSIA") Rider Extension  (PDF)

     -  2021 PSIA Extension Filings

21AL-0047ST:  Advice No. 163 - Credit Card Processing Fee - Steam Service  (PDF)

21AL-0048E:  Advice No. 1847  - Credit Card Processing Fee - Electric Service  (PDF)

21AL-0049G:  Advice No. 979 - Credit Card Processing Fee - Gas Service (PDF)

16A-0396E:  2016 Electric Resource Plan ("ERP")

          Notice of Re-Filing Confidential and Highly Confidential Information as Public  (PDF)

          PSCo 2017 All Source Bid Info  (PDF)

19A-0530E:  2016 Electric Resource Plan ("ERP") Amendment

          Notice of Re-Filing Confidential and Highly Confidential Information as Public  (PDF)

          PSCo 2019 Solar RFP Bid Info  (PDF)

20L-0538ST:  Steam Cost Adjustment ("SCA")  (PDF)

20L-0539G:  Gas Cost Adjustment ("GCA")  (PDF)

20L-0540E:  Electric Commodity Adjustment ("ECA")  (PDF) 

20AL-0529E:  Advice No. 1843, Interruptible Service Option Credit ("ISOC")

     -  Legal Notice  (PDF)               -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

20AL-0531E:  Advice No. 1844, 2021 Qualifying Facilities ("QF") Capacity and Energy Payment Rates

     -  Advice Letter  (PDF)                -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                     -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

     -  Derivation of 2021 QF Capacity and Energy Payment Rate Components  (PDF)

20AL-0505E:  Advice No. 1840, Solar*Rewards Community Service ("SRCS") Credit

     -  Legal Notice  (PDF)             -  Legal Notice Amended  (PDF)

     -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)         -  Proposed Tariff Amended  (PDF)       -  Second Amended Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

     -  Advice Letter  (PDF)           -  Advice Letter Amended  (PDF)           -  Second Amended Advice Letter  (PDF)

    -  Motion for Alternative Form of Notice  (PDF)

20AL-0506E:  Advice No. 1841, Renewable*Connect ("R*C")

      -  Legal Notice  (PDF)              -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

      -  Advice Letter (PDF)

20AL-0503G:  Advice No. 976, Pipeline System Integrity Adjustment ("PSIA")

     -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                -  Advice Letter & Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

20AL-0468E:  Advice No. 1837, Purchased Capacity Cost Adjustment ("PCCA")

      -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

20AL-0469E:  Advice No. 1838, Clean Air - Clean Jobs Act ("CACJA")

      -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

20AL-0470E:  Advice No. 1839, Transmission Cost Adjustment ("TCA")

      -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                 -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

20AL-0411G:  Advice Letter 974, Gas Demand-Side Management Cost Adjustment ("DSMCA-G")

      -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                  -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

20AL-0412E:  Advice Letter 1834, Electric Demand-Side Management Cost Adjustment  ("DSMCA-E")

     -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                   -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

20AL-0388G:  Advice Letter 972, Gas Rate Case Clean-up

      -  Advice Letter  (PDF)                 -  Redlined Tariff  (PDF)

      -  Legal Notice  (PDF)                   -  Proposed Tariff  (PDF)

 20A-0375E:  KEPCO Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA") Termination

       -  Application  (PDF)                     -  Legal Notice  (PDF)

 20AL-0364G:  Advice Letter 971, Fuel Reimbursement Percentage

 -  Advice Letter  (PDF)                 -  Legal Notice (PDF)

20AL-0049G:  2020 Gas Phase I & II Rate Case (PDF)

19AL-0687E:  Advice Letter 1814, Revised Modified Residential Time-of-Use ("Modified Schedule RE-TOU")  (PDF)


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