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South Dakota Demand-Side Management

Electric DSM Plan

On October 21, 2011, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission approved our first Demand-Side Management (DSM) Plan. The first Status Report was filed on May 1, 2013, which detailed the success of the 2012 program year as well as requested changes to the plan to be implemented in 2014.

Additional Resources

Original SD DSM Plan (PDF)
2012 DSM Status Report & 2014 Plan (PDF)
2013 DSM Status Report & 2015 Plan (PDF)
2014 DSM Status Report & 2016 Plan (PDF)
2015 DSM Status Report & 2017 Plan (PDF)
2016 DSM Status Report & 2018 Plan (PDF)
2018 Supplement (PDF)
2017 DSM Status Report & 2019 Plan (PDF)
2017 DSM Status Report & 2019 Plan Appendix (PDF)
2018 DSM Status Report & 2020 Plan (PDF)
2019 DSM Status Report & 2021 Plan (PDF)
2020 DSM Status Report & 2022 Plan (PDF)
2021 DSM Status Report & 2023 Plan (PDF)


Becky Billings
Sr. Regulatory Analyst

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