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Transportation Electrification Plan

Transportation now produces more carbon emissions than any other sector of the American economy. As we continue to cut greenhouse gas emissions on our system, electric vehicles will run on ever-cleaner energy. Today, an EV powered by electricity from Xcel Energy in Colorado produces 50% less carbon than a gasoline-powered car. That’s expected to jump to an estimated 85% reduction in carbon emissions from 2005 levels by 2030. Learn about our programs for your home at or for your business at (external link).

Transportation Electrification Programs Rider

The Transportation Electrification Programs Adjustment (TEPA) supports these efforts. The rider appears on monthly bills under “Electricity Charges” as "Trans Elec Plan". Every October 1, Xcel Energy – Colorado is required to file a TEPA adjustment request with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. See the “TEP Rider Adjustments” tab below for more information.

This initial 2021-2023 Clean Transportation portfolio (Partnerships, Research and Innovation) is a part of the Transportation Electrification Program.

For more informaiton about these programs, including application materials and webinar videos, visit the Partnerships, Research and Innovation webpage.

For more information about the PRI portfolio, contact

Initial Portfolio

EV Equitable Car Sharing

This pilot brings the benefits of electric vehicles to underserved communities through car sharing, including trucks and SUVs. Site hosts receive low to no cost EV charging infrastructure and the pilot helps them meet their sustainability, carbon reduction, equity and clean transportation goals.

EV Paratransit Fleets

This pilot reduces the cost to electrify medium-duty shuttle buses run by local governments and nonprofits, among others, used for paratransit operations.

EV Refuse Fleets

This pilot enables selected waste collection service providers to experience the benefits of electrification with no up-front infrastructure costs and free use of an EV refuse truck for up to one year.

Other Projects

EV Residential Resiliency

This pilot will study the impacts of home EV charging on the distribution grid under different managed charging scenarios.

EV V2X (Vehicle-to-Grid and Vehicle-to-Building)

This pilot will explore the use of EV batteries as a back-up power source through a feasibility study and demonstration of V2X technology.

EV DCFC+Storage

This pilot aims to remove barriers to widespread EV adoption by pairing DC fast charging stations with battery storage.

EV Load Disaggregation

This pilot will study the grid and customer benefits of automatically detecting EVs at customer premises and measuring the EV-specific charging load.

In accordance with Decision No C21-0017 in Proceeding No. 20A-0204E, Xcel Energy—Colorado agreed to provide 60/90-day notice to interested stakeholders of material changes to the Transportation Electrification Plan portfolios.

Under the 60-day notice, any proposal to add a new program or product, including innovation projects, or to change technical assumptions or eligibility requirements, requires the company to notify interested stakeholders, after which the stakeholders have 30 days to respond. The company then has 30 days to consider comments and make its decision.

When proposing to discontinue programs or products, the company will issue notice of discontinuance in a 90-day notice to interested stakeholders after which the stakeholders have 30 days to respond. Xcel Energy will then have 60 days after the deadline to consider the comments received and make a final decision on its proposed discontinuance.

Current 60-Day Notices

Program 60-Day Notice DescriptionNotification DateComments Due
Multifamily Housing Income-Qualified and Higher Emissions Community Charger Rebate Program Adjustments 60-Day Notice (PDF)Nov. 4, 2022 Dec. 4, 2022
Refuse Fleet Electrification Pilot 60-Day Notice (PDF)Oct. 31, 2022Dec. 1, 2022


For more information, email Patrick Murphy, Regulatory Case Specialist.

Past 60-Day Notices

Program 60-Day Notice DescriptionNotification Date
Globeville HEC Application 60-Day Notice (PDF) 8/9/22
 60 -Day PRI Load Disaggregation (PDF) 5/31/22
 60-Day Higher Emissions Communities Applications (PDF)  5/31/22

DCFC Summary Report (PDF)


DCFC Charging+Storage 60-Day (PDF)

Electric Car Sharing for Underserved Communities Pilot Summary Report (PDF) 1/31/22
Electric Car Sharing for Underserved Communities Pilot Rev 60-Day (PDF) 1/31/22
Municipal Refuse Fleet Electrification Summary Report (PDF) 1/31/22
Municipal Refuse Fleet Electrification Rev 60-Day (PDF) 1/31/22
Paratransit Mobility Electrification for IQ and Disabled Communities Summary Report (PDF) 1/31/22
Paratransit Mobility Electrification for IQ and Disabled Communities Rev 60-Day (PDF) 1/31/22
Residential Resiliency-Managed Charging Summary Report (PDF) 1/31/22
Residential Resiliency-Managed Charging 60-Day (PDF) 1/31/22
V2X and Resilience Summary Report (PDF) 1/31/22

V2X and Resilience Rev 60-Day (PDF)


DCFC Siting Summary Report (PDF)


Electric Car Share Underserved Comms Pilot 60 Day (PDF)

 Municipal Refuse Fleet Pilot 60 Day (PDF)  (10/28/21)
 Res Resiliency Managed Charging 60 Day (PDF) (10/28/21)
 Paratransit Mobility PRI Pilot 60 Day (PDF)  (10/28/21)
  V2X and Resilience PRI 60 Day (PDF)  (10/28/21)

Electric School Bus Program 60-Day Notice (PDF)


School Bus Electrification 60-Day Notice Summary Report (PDF)


School Bus Electrification Terms and Conditions (PDF)


Small Commercial Program 60-Day Notice (PDF)


Higher Emissions Community 60-Day Notice (PDF)

Higher Emissions Community Summary Report (PDF) (7/16/21)


For more information, email Patrick Murphy, Regulatory Case Specialist.

Filing materials for the annual Transportation Electrification Programs Adjustment will be available here. For the complete record of the most recent adjustment request, visit the CPUC e-archives at and search for Proceeding No. 21AL-0459E.

If this proposal is approved, in 2022, a typical residential customer will see an increase of 16 cents per month on their electricity bill (or 0.2%) compared to current rates. A typical small commercial customer will see an increase of 17 cents per month on their electricity bill (or 0.15%) compared to current rates.

TEPA Advice Letter - 2023 TEPA (PDF)
TEPA Legal Notice - 2023 TEPA (PDF)
TEPA Customer Onsert - 2023 TEPA (PDF)
TEPA Advice Letter  - 7/29/22 TEPA (PDF)

TEPA Legal Notice  - 7/29/22 TEPA (PDF)
TEPA Advice Letter – 10/1/21 TEPA (PDF)

TEPA Legal Notice – 10/1/21 TEPA (PDF)
TEPA Customer Notice (bill onsert) – 10/1/21 (PDF)

Stakeholder Meeting Presentations

Presentations from our quarterly Transportation Electrification Stakeholder Group meetings are below. Additional documents will be posted as meetings take place.

2021 Meetings
Q2 2021 Meeting Presentation 6.23.2021 (PDF)

Q3 2021 Meeting Presentation 9.29.2021 (PDF)
Q4 2021 Meeting Presentation 12.17.2021 (PDF)

2022 Meetings
Q1 2022 Meeting Presentation 3.25.2022 (PDF)
Q2 2022 Meeting Presentation 6.30.2022 (PDF)
Q3 2022 Meeting Presentation 9.22.2022 (PDF)
Q4 2022 Meeting Presentation 12.16.2022 (PDF)

2023 Meetings

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