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2022 North Dakota Natural Gas Rate Proposal

Strengthening and expanding the natural gas system as North Dakota grows

At Xcel Energy, we work every day to provide the reliable energy that our customers depend on, delivering reliable energy at an affordable price. Our natural gas rate proposal to the North Dakota Public Service Commission includes investments that allow us to provide reliable natural gas service to more customers as North Dakota grows.

In 2019, our average residential customers’ natural gas bills in North Dakota were 24% below the national average, and 18% below the North Dakota average. This is our first rate application in North Dakota in 15 years, and under this proposal, our residential customers’ average monthly natural gas bills would remain among the lowest in the region. The average residential customer’s bill would increase $5.80 per month under this proposal.

 Find out more about our natural gas rate proposal (PDF).

We are committed to helping customers who may be struggling with their bills. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your bill, we’re here to help (external link).

Contact us (external link) and we will work with you to set up a payment plan and connect you with other resources that can help.

Rate Application Filing Documents

Volume 1

Vol. 1 - Notice of Change in Rates and Interim Rate Petition (PDF)

Vol. 1 - Chamberlain - Policy (PDF)

Vol. 1 - Halama - Revenue Requirements (PDF)

Vol. 1 - D'Ascendis - Return on Equity (PDF)

Vol. 1 - Marks - Sales Forecast (PDF)

Vol. 1 - Zich - Gas Operations (PDF)

Vol. 1 - Wold - Depreciation (PDF)

Vol. 1 - Barthol - Class Cost of Service Study & Rate Design (PDF)

Volume 2

Vol. 2 - Proposed Tariffs (PDF)

Volume 3

Vol. 3 - Workpapers (PDF)



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