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Ten-Year Rate Trends

Explore our historical charts to take a closer look at Xcel Energy-Colorado’s rate trends over the past decade. The charts are based on the average rates paid by residential customers from January 2013 to 2023 and show individual line-item charges on a monthly basis over the same time period.  The fixed monthly charge is presented as a cents per kilowatt charge and is calculated by dividing by average customer usage over the year.  The charts also reflect preset seasonal changes in rates with summer prices being slightly higher than winter charges. 

Ten-Year Rate Trend Chart: Natural Gas Service (PDF)
Ten-Year Rate Trend Table: Natural Gas Service (PDF)
Ten-Year Rate Trend Chart: Electric Service (PDF)
Ten-Year Rate Trend Table: Electric Service (PDF)

Power you can rely on

Xcel Energy-Colorado residential customers have access to both electricity and natural gas rates that are notably below costs seen nationally for each of the past 10 years.

We are committed to delivering clean, reliable, affordable power today and for years to come. Many factors – including fuel costs, environmental regulations, infrastructure improvements and changing energy demand – affect the cost of producing electricity, and, in turn, the price you pay.

We continuously balance these factors to ensure reliable electricity, cleaner energy and the best price possible for our customers.

How we’re working to keep rates affordable

To make every dollar count, we work to be as efficient and prudent as possible, and to balance affordability in the present with investments for the future.

The largest single component of your bill is fuel costs. Xcel Energy makes no profit on this portion of your bill since it is directly tied to the cost of fuel in today's marketplace. Although we can't control the global factors that affect these costs, we are taking steps to keep costs down (external link) including:

  • Adding more clean energy to the grid, because wind and solar generate electricity without fuel costs.
  • Purchasing and storing natural gas ahead of the winter heating season when prices are lower.
  • Contracting for wholesale natural gas purchases before winter to lock in lower prices.
  • Having a diverse mix of electricity sources that can be used to minimize the effect of natural gas price increases on electric bills. Over the past five years, our wind farms saved customers $1.8 billion in avoided fuel costs and tax credits across our corporate service area.
  • Optimizing purchasing and using technology to make the company’s operations more efficient.

Texas Rate Books & Fuel Cost Factors

Access our current rate books based on your service area, which include basic information on rates, rate adjustments and other helpful details.

SPS Rules and Regulations Book


Texas Electric Rate Book

I-1 Rev 34 - Table of Contents (3-1-22) (PDF)
II-1, Rev 9 - General Description of Operations (3-1-22) (PDF)
III-1, Rev 11 - List of Counties and Cities Provided by SPS (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-1, Rev 142 - Table of Schedules (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-3, Rev 22 - Residential Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-18, Rev 22 - Secondary General Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-56, Rev 18 - SAS Bishop Hills-Amarillo College (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-61, Rev 16 - SAS CRMWA (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-65, Rev 20 - Guard Lighting Service (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-69, Rev 57- Fuel Cost Recovery Factor D54975 (6-1-23) (PDF)
IV-77, Rev 11 - Electric Service to QF of 100kW or Less (6-9-13) (PDF)
IV-86, Rev 13 - Energy Purchase From QF of 100 kW or Less (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-91, Rev 18 - Municipal and State Street Lighting Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-98, Rev 15 - Miscellaneous Service Charge (9-1-22) (PDF)
IV-108, Rev 14 - Large General Service - Transmission (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-109, Rev 15 - SAS ConocoPhillips - WRB Refining LP (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-117, Rev 4 - Purchase of Non-Firm Energy from QF (3-1-14) (PDF)
IV-118, Rev 11 - Flood Light Service (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-144, Rev 5 - SAS City of Amarillo (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-150, Rev 10 - Restricted Outdoor Lighting Service (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-152, Rev 2 - State University Discount Rate Rider (6-19-13) (PDF)
IV-159, Rev 6 - DG Interconnection (3-1-17) (PDF)
IV-172, Rev 10 - Small General Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-173, Rev 11 - Primary General Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-174, Rev 10 - Small Municipal and School Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-175, Rev 11 - Large Municipal Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-177, Rev 5 - Interruptible Credit Option - ICO (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-179, Rev 10 - Primary QF Standby Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-180, Rev 10 - Secondary QF Standby Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-181, Rev 10 - Transmission QF Standby Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-182, Rev 11 - Large School Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-183, Rev 10 - Transmission QF Non-Firm Standby Service (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-188, Rev 3 - Residential Controlled Air Conditioning Rider (12-19-14) (PDF)
IV-189, Rev 3 - C and I Controlled Air Conditioning Rider (12-19-14) (PDF)
IV-192, Rev 1 - Municipal Franchise Fee (6-19-13) (PDF)
IV-193, Rev 2 - Peak Day Partner (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-194, Rev 2 - ICO Summer Only (1-10-20) (PDF)
IV-195, Rev 12 - Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Factor Rider D53540 (1-1-23) (PDF)
IV-204, Original - Discount for Veterans Severely Burned in Combat (12-19-14) (PDF)
IV-205, Rev 3 - General Service - Time of Use Rate (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-206, Rev 3 - General Service - Low Load Factor Rate (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-224, Original - AMS D52451 (9-1-22) (PDF)
IV-225, Rev. 1 - Fuel Cost Surcharge Rider D52210 (5-1-22) (PDF)
IV-226, Original - 2022 Rate Case Expense (RCE) Rider (3-1-22) (PDF)
IV-230, Original - Fall 2022 Fuel Cost Surcharge Rider D54282 (4-1-23) (PDF)

Texas Rules and Regulations Tariffs

V-1 - TOC - Rev. 12 - D53668 (8-30-22) (PDF)
V-2 - General Statement of Purpose Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-3 - Definitions Rev. 4 - D40824 (6-19-13) (PDF)
V-4 - Application for Service Rev. 3 - D40824 (6-19-13) (PDF)
V-5 - Supplying of Service Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-6 - Character of Service Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-7 - Continuity of Service Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-8 - Refusal, Discontinuance and Suspension of Service Rev. 5 D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-9 - Use of Service Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-10 - Right-of-Way Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-11 Access to Premises Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-12 - Change of Premises of Customer Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-13 - Temporary Service Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-14 - Customer's Installation Rev. 2 - D43695 (6-11-15) (PDF)
V-15 - Transformer Vaults Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-16 - Company's Installation Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-17 - Extension to Customers Rev. 15 - D49831 (1-10-20) (PDF)
V-18 - Metering Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-19 - Billing Rev. 3 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-20 - Application of Rate Schedules Rev. 3 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-21 - Deposits Rev. 6 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-22 - Application of Rules and Regulations-Conflicts Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-23 - Unauthorized Communication Devices Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-25 - Load Control Equipment for Customers Rev. 2 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-27 - Customer Complaints Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-29 - Retail Electric Switchover Rev. 1 - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-30 - Residential Billing of Vacant Rental Property Original - D32766 (7-27-07) (PDF)
V-31 - Deduct and Ancillary Meters Rev. 2 - D53668 (8-30-22) (PDF)
V-32 - Temp. or Perm. Relocation-Modification of Company Facilities and Fees Original - D43695 (6-11-15) (PDF)

Additional Information

Electric Rules and Regulations (PDF) 

Electric Tariffs (PDF)

Public Utility Commission of Texas (external link)

For more information on Distributed Generation in Texas, please email:

Steven Hudson, Resource Planning
Jeremiah Cunningham, Manager, Regulatory Administration

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