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Advanced Grid Intelligence & Security Filing

Providing Colorado customers with next-generation energy infrastructure

The energy industry is undergoing significant change, from a centralized, one-way delivery model to a system of distributed resources that introduce two-way power flows. At the same time, our customers are becoming increasingly interested in new technologies like smart home applications, battery storage, private solar, and electric vehicles. We are listening to customers and providing new programs to meet their evolving needs.

Advanced Grid Intelligence and Security (Advanced Grid), is a long-term strategic initiative that will vastly improve power reliability, reduce power outages, make service smarter, integrate increasingly clean energy onto the grid, and empower customers with more information to control and track their energy use.

In July 2017, a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity was approved for this filing by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. For current regulatory information about the Advanced Grid initiative, including annual reports, please visit the CPUC electronic archive at and search for Proceeding No. 16A-0588E.

View the Verified Application (PDF)

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Have your home checked for leaky ducts, drafts around doors and windows, fireplace dampers, and other places where air might escape.

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Break Ground, Not the Law

Always call 811 before digging in your yard to avoid hitting buried gas or electric lines. Not only is it the safe thing to do, but it's the law.