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If you would like to follow this proceeding, or any other issue before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), you can search the CPUC E-Filings System (external link) at (external link). Search for Proceeding No. 22AL-0046G.

How to submit a Public Comment

The CPUC encourages public comments on any issue they are considering. Anyone may file a written comment or objection to a proceeding.

You can do that in a variety of ways, including:

Filing materials for this proposal will be available here, and also on the Commission’s website at (external link). Search for Proceeding No. 22AL-0046G in the CPUC E-Filings System (external link).

CPUC Decision (10/25/22) (PDF)
Advice Letter (10/27/22) (PDF)

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Learn more about this proposal (PDF)

Advice Letter - AL 993-Gas (PDF)
Advice Letter - AL 993-Gas Tariffs (PDF)


Direct Testimony of Brooke A. Trammell (PDF)
-Attachment BAT-1 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Steven P. Berman (PDF)
-Attachment SPB-1 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Deborah A. Blair (PDF)
-Attachment DAB-1 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Luke A. Litteken (PDF)
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-Attachment LAL-2 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Jeff Lyng (PDF)
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-Attachment JRL-2 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Joni H. Zich
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-Attachment JHZ-12 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Lauren Gilliland (PDF)
-Attachment LG-1 (PDF)
-Attachment LG-2 (PDF)
-Attachment LG-3 (PDF)
-Attachment LG-4 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Susan L. Bailey (PDF)
-Attachment SLB-1 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Paul A. Johnson (PDF)
-Attachment PAJ-1 (PDF)
-Attachment PAJ-2 (PDF)
-Attachment PAJ-3 (PDF)
-Attachment PAJ-4 (PDF)
-Attachment PAJ-5 (PDF)
-Attachment PAJ-6 (PDF)
-Attachment PAJ-7 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Ann E. Bulkley (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-1 (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-2 (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-3 (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-4 (PDF)
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-Attachment AEB-8 (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-9 (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-10 (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-11 (PDF)
-Attachment AEB-12 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Jannell E. Marks (PDF)
-Attachment JEM-1 PUBLIC (PDF)
-Attachment JEM-2 (PDF)
-Attachment JEM-3 (PDF)
-Attachment JEM-4 PUBLIC (PDF)
-Attachment JEM-5 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Adam R. Dietenberger (PDF)
-Attachment ARD-1 (PDF)
-Attachment ARD-2 (PDF)
-Attachment ARD-3 (PDF)
-Attachment ARD-4 (PDF)
Direct Testimony Michael O. Remington (PDF)
-Attachment MOR 2 (PDF)
-Attachment MOR 3 (PDF)
-Attachment MOR-1 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Michael T. Knoll (PDF)
-Public Attachment MTK-1 (PDF)
-Public Attachment MTK-2 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Richard R. Schrubbe (PDF)
-Attachment RRS-1 (PDF)
-Attachment RRS-2 (PDF)
-Attachment RRS-3 (PDF)
-Attachment RRS-4 (PDF)
-Attachment RRS-5 (PDF)
-Attachment RRS-6 (PDF)
-Attachment RRS-7 (PDF)
PUBLIC Direct Testimony and Att Naomi Koch (PDF)
-PUBLIC Attachment NK-1 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Ross L. Baumgarten (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-1 (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-2 (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-3 (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-4 (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-5 (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-6 (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-7 (PDF)
-Attachment RLB-8 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Laurie J. Wold (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-1 (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-2 (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-3 (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-4 (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-5 (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-6 (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-7 (PDF)
-Attachment LJW-8 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Marci A. McKoane (PDF)
-Attachment MAM-1 Redacted (PDF)
-Attachment MAM-2 (PDF)
-Attachment MAM-3 (PDF)
-Attachment MAM-4 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Art P. Freitas (PDF)
-Attachment APF-1 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-1A Public (PDF)
-Attachment APF-2 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-2A Public (PDF)
-Attachment APF-3 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-4 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-5 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-6 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-7 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-9 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-10 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-11 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-12 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-13 (PDF)
-Attachment APF-14 (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Andrew R. Hawkins (PDF)
Direct Testimony of N. Mason Harrison (PDF)
-Attachment NMH-1 PUBLIC (PDF)
-Attachment NMH-2 PUBLIC Redacted (PDF)
-Attachment NMH-3 (PDF)
-Attachment NMH-4 PUBLIC Redacted (PDF)
-Attachment NMH-5 PUBLIC Redacted (PDF)
-Attachment NMH-6 PUBLIC Redacted (PDF)
Direct Testimony of Steven W. Wishart FINAL (PDF)
-Attachment SWW-1 (PDF)
-Attachment SWW-2 (PDF)
-Attachment SWW-3 (PDF)
-Attachment SWW-4 (PDF)
-Attachment SWW-5 (PDF)

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Energy Saving Tip

Make sure to regularly change the air filters on your HVAC system (at least once per month). Old, clogged filters are far less efficient than new ones.

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Break Ground, Not the Law

Always call 811 before digging in your yard to avoid hitting buried gas or electric lines. Not only is it the safe thing to do, but it's the law.