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Changes to fees for payments made via credit or debit card

Beginning April 23, 2018, fees associated with paying your Xcel Energy bill with a credit or debit card are expected to change as follows:

  • Personal Credit /Debit Card Fee: $2.90/payment* ($1,000 maximum payment)
  • Commercial Credit /Debit Card Fee:  $29.95/payment* ($3,000 maximum payment)

These changes must be approved by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

For questions about the new fees, residents can call 800.895.4999 and business customers can call 800.481.4700.

Why charge a fee?

Most companies charge a fee for paying your bill via a credit or debit card, you just may not know it because they may include that cost in the price they charge all customers for their products and services. Rather than increase our costs to all customers, we only pass on this processing fee to customers who pay via a credit or debit card. BillMatrix, a third-party payment service provider for businesses across the United Sates, charges the processing fee. Xcel Energy does not benefit from this fee. We work hard to keep costs low, but we also try to be as transparent and fair as possible to all our customers.

Making your payment

You can pay with your credit/debit card electronically using My Account,, or our Mobile App, or by calling 888.747.1523. Most major credit and debit cards accepted. Due to their extremely high processing costs, American Express cards are no longer accepted by BillMatrix.

What type of card do I have?

Personal Credit/Debit cards are non-commercial and business debit. A Commercial Credit/Debit will typically have a “Corporate” or “Business” designation on the front of the card.

No-fee payment options

We still offer no-fee payment options and other great features to help you manage your account:

Online through My Account: You can pay via bank account deduction or by Auto payment, which is an automatically scheduled bank account deduction on the due date of your bill.

Mobile app: Download our mobile app with new features that let you view and pay your bill from anywhere with ease and convenience.

Electronic funds transfer: Electronic transfer of payment funds between your company’s and Xcel Energy bank accounts. (Your bank may charge you a separate wire transfer fee for this payment method.)

Pay by phone: Payments through your checking or savings account using our automated phone system.

Mail: Pay by check via the mail.

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