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AC Rewards Program for Business Sign Up Form

Phone number where Installers can reach you to schedule the thermostat installation

Please confirm that the following are all true:

  • This location receives commercial electric service from Xcel Energy
  • This location has cooling load provided by a central air conditioner or rooftop unit controlled via thermostat
  • This location has a WiFi network that the ecobee3 thermostat can connect to. I also know or have access to the network password (this will be necessary for installation).
  • I understand that by agreeing to participate in the AC Rewards program, Xcel Energy will temporarily limit (no longer than 4 hours) the amount of time my air conditioning runs on days when the electric grid is strained-up to a max of 10 events this year.
  • I have read, understand and agree to all terms for the AC Rewards Program for Business
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Energy Saving Tip

Install ceiling fans to keep cool air circulating so you can turn down your air conditioner. Still, make sure to turn off your fan when you leave the room.

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Break Ground, Not the Law

Always call 811 before digging in your yard to avoid hitting buried gas or electric lines. Not only is it the safe thing to do, but it's the law.