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Recommissioning for Trade Partners

Our Recommissioning program is designed to assist electric and natural gas business customers with improving efficiency of their existing building operations. We do this by recommissioning functional systems that can be “tuned up” to run as efficiently as possible through low- or no-cost improvements.

Our Recommissioning program consists of two main steps:

  1. Diagnosis (a Recommissioning study)
  2. Implementation of recommended improvements

Lowers costs for your customers:  To offset the costs for our customers to address energy efficiencies, we offer rebates for the Recommissioning study and the implementation of recommissioning measures.

  • The implementation rebate for electric customers is either up to $400/kilowatt (kW) or ”implied kW” saved, whichever is more lucrative for the customer (Implied kW is kWh 8760, which is the average number of business hours in a year).
  • Natural gas customers can earn up to $5 per dekatherm (Dth) saved.

Gives you an incentive for every project:

  • You can earn an incentive up to $5,000 per study.

Helpful Details

  • To help you calculate energy savings for recommissioning measures identified within a building, use our Recommissioning Calculator Tool, which currently contains 19 common recommissioning measures (to access the calculator tool, fill out our Calculator Tool License (and submit it to us).
  • Take a look at our sample study template to get an idea of what type of information you need to include in the recommissioning report (feel free to use your own format)
  • In your study, you must provide calculations and show your work for measures not calculated using our tool.
  • Once you perform a Recommissioning study, you will be added to our provider list on (this list is updated quarterly and you do not need to be on the provider list to do a study)

How to Get Started

  1. If you have not performed a study through our program before, complete an Investigator Application and contact us to discuss your qualifications.
    • Complete calculations for measures that typically are found in Recommissioning studies
    • Complete an in-person training session with our program team and engineers.
  2. Complete Addendum A (XLS) and Study Funding Application (PDF). Make sure you attach your proposal to the preapproval application. The proposal should answer the following questions:
    • What type of building is it and what systems does the customer have now?
    • What are the customer’s concerns or issues?
    • What are some preliminary conservation opportunities?
    • What are the feasible alternatives and/or study tasks?
    • What is the study cost?
  3. Submit materials to your client’s Xcel Energy Account Manager.
  4. You will receive an email if the customer’s application is preapproved.

Additional information

If you have any questions about our Recommissioning program and how your business can benefit, contact the Taylor Thelemann, Recommissioning Program Manager at or call 612-330-5661.

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