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Fluid System Optimization for Trade Partners

Help your business customers increase their system knowledge and earn rebates with our Fluid System Optimization program. When your customers conduct a study and implement equipment updates or system improvements on their compressed air, pump, fan, blower, vacuum or hydraulic system, they can lower energy use and/or increase production while also benefiting from our study and equipment rebates.


  • Customers may qualify for funding for a study on how to improve their system
  • Your customers may qualify to receive rebates of $400 per kilowatt (kW) saved on energy-efficient implementations
  • Rebates help make your products more affordable to the customer, and they may help you sell more high-end equipment
  • You have the opportunity to earn a 10 percent trade incentive on qualifying custom Fluid System Optimization projects

For Study Rebates:

Approved vendors may participate in studies on compressed air, pump, fan, blower, vacuum, or hydraulic systems. One of our energy efficiency specialists can help you through the approval process, review specific requirements for each study type, and get you started with our study programs.


For Equipment Rebates:

Your customer’s equipment may qualify for a prescriptive or custom rebate. Prescriptive rebates are available for:

  • VSD compressors <50 hp
  • Mist eliminators
  • Cycling air dryers
  • No-loss air drains
  • Dew point demand controls

Other process or equipment improvements may qualify through our Custom Efficiency Rebate program. Remember that preapproval is required before purchase. (See application for details.) Contact an energy advisor at our Business Solutions Center by phone at 1-855-839-8862 or email to discuss trade incentives and for help completing the appropriate application.

How to Get Started

For a fluid optimization study, contact an energy efficiency specialist at our Business Solution Center (BSC) by phone at 1-855-839-8862 or email to discuss how to begin a study.

To earn a trade incentive of 10 percent of your customer’s rebate amount (Minimum $50, maximum $5,000) for completed (installed and operational) custom projects, simply write your Trade Partner ID on the preapproval application when you submit it to Xcel Energy. If you need a Trade Partner ID, complete and return the Trade Partner ID Registration Request Form.

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Make sure to regularly change the air filters on your HVAC system (at least once per month). Old, clogged filters are far less efficient than new ones.

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