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Commercial Refrigeration for Trade Partners

Help your Colorado restaurant, grocery, liquor, convenience store and other retail customers earn rebates and save energy by making refrigeration equipment improvements. Our Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency program offers a wide range rebates to our customers who purchase and install qualifying energy-efficient refrigeration equipment options.

Become a qualified Commercial Refrigeration Trade Partner to receive training opportunities and additional support.


  • Increase your sales of energy-saving equipment for commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • Provide added value to your customers with rebates and energy savings
  • Your customers’ refrigeration improvements can lower their energy costs and maximize operation of equipment, reducing the likelihood of failures or costly repairs
  • Rebates offset customers’ costs for higher-efficiency refrigeration upgrades, making them more affordable

Become a Qualified Commercial Refrigeration Trade Partner

Participating Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency Trade Partners can receive benefits including, but not limited to: ongoing training with both custom and prescriptive rebate applications, interpretation of specific refrigeration projects or refrigeration technologies with available program rebates, and assistance from CLEAResult with completing and submitting all rebate paperwork to Xcel Energy in an efficient manner.

Participating Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency Trade Partners are eligible to participate in the Trade Partner of the Week (TPOW) process. The TPOW process is a way for CLEAResult to put refrigeration customers—who are not already working with contractors—in contact with a participating Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency Trade Partner. The TPOW process helps customers move ahead with their energy-efficient refrigeration projects—and it provides Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency Trade Partners with project leads they may not encounter otherwise.

To apply, complete and submit the Trade Partner Application found at the bottom of this section.

Commercial Refrigeration Prescriptive Rebates for Customers

Customers can earn rebates on a wide range of refrigeration improvements. To qualify, installed equipment must be new and meet all product rules and requirements; and the rebate application must be submitted within 12 months of the invoice date. Rebates assume a one-for-one replacement of retrofit fixtures that will result in energy savings.

Qualifying Equipment

  • Anti-Sweat Heater Controls
  • Efficient Reach-In Case Doors
  • Efficient Fan Motors for Walk-In Freezer or Cooler
  • Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) Fan Motors in Reach-in Cases
  • Evaporator Fan Speed Controls
  • LED Reach-In Case Lighting
  • Night Curtains for Open Coolers
  • Replace Open Multideck Cases with Efficient Reach-in Cases with Doors

Note: Custom Commercial Refrigeration rebates are available for energy-saving refrigeration projects not included in our prescriptive rebate program. Requires preapproval prior to equipment purchase and installation.

How to Get Started

  1. Call (303) 297-3410 to request a free, no obligation refrigeration assessment for you and your customer.
  2. Provide your customer with a list of energy-saving. rebate-eligible recommendations based on the refrigeration assessment report.
  3. Complete and submit the appropriate application according to the included instructions and requirements. Have your customer sign the application.
  4. Use the alternative rebate recipient section if the rebate will go to someone other than your customer.
  5. Be sure to include invoices with product model numbers and quantities, and break out material and labor costs if possible.
  6. See the application for details or call CLEAResult 1-877-287-2250 if you have questions.

Colorado Commercial Refrigeration Application (PDF)

Additional Information

If you have any questions about our Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency program and how your business can benefit, call our Business Solutions Center at 1-855-839-8862, email, or contact Trade Relations Manager, Bob Macauley at 303-294-2675 or

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