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Who Qualifies?

To qualify as a participating distributor, you must provide electrical solutions to commercial business clients in Xcel Energy’s Minnesota territory. Manufacturer, retailer, and internet sales are not considered eligible participating distributors. Wholesale outlets may be eligible depending on their specific business type.

Refer to the “How to Get Started” section below to learn more about joining the partnership channel.

Eligible customers must:

  • Receive electricity from Xcel Energy at a commercial rate in Minnesota.  Participating distributors will have access to a customer portal that will verify customer eligibility in the LED Instant Rebate program.

The following customers are not eligible to receive rebates through this program:

  • Residential customers
  • Customers who opted out of Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency programs
  • Locations outside the Minnesota Xcel Energy service territory
  • Third-party distributors or retailers

Qualifying Equipment

The following product categories can qualify for the Business LED Instant Rebate.  To be eligible, the lamps must be on the ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs or light fixture lists.


  • LED Interior Lamp – PAR38
  • LED Interior Lamp – PAR30, PAR30L
  • LED Interior Lamp – PAR20, R20
  • LED Interior Lamp – PAR16
  • LED Interior Lamp – BR40, R40
  • LED Interior Lamp – BR30, R30
  • LED Interior Lamp – MR16, MRX16, MR25
  • LED Interior Lamp – GU10, GU24
  • LED Interior Lamp – A Lamps
  • LED Interior Lamp – Decorative (CA, B, BA, G, F)


  • LED Interior Screw-In Downlight Fixture Retrofit

Rebate Amounts

Instant rebate amounts subject to change. Please refer to the LED Instant Rebate Information Sheet (PDF) for the most current incentive information.

Lamp Qualifications

Qualifying lamps and/or retrofit kits for the Business LED Instant Rebate program must have ALL of the following characteristics:

  • ENERGY STAR-qualified screw-in lamps and retrofit kits must appear on the ENERGY STAR qualified products list.
  • Interior installation
  • Daytime usage

    *Please note: Non-ENERGY STAR lamps that are not part of these categories, exterior lamps, and/or lamps that only operate at night can be submitted through our Custom Efficiency program

How to Get Started

If you are a lighting distributor in our Minnesota territory please contact Scott Bizek (contact information below) to join this program.

If you are a local contractor serving our Minnesota territory please visit our Distributor Locator to find a participating LED Instant Rebate distributor near you.


  • Your customers should not order extra stock lamps via the rebate
    • The number of lamps sold should not exceed the number of sockets where they will be installed
    • All lamps sold and submitted for reimbursement should be installed at the eligible customer’s facility or premises within 30 days of the sale
  • Qualifying lamps can replace ANY lamp type (i.e., fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen)
  • You are not required to track what kind of lamp is being replaced in this program
  • The 3 to 6 times rule used in some of our downstream prescriptive programs does not apply to the Business LED Instant Rebate Program
  • Lamps can be installed in BOTH retrofit and new construction scenarios
  • We will conduct site verification visits at random (you must inform your customers that an Xcel Energy representative may contact them for a site inspection)

Additional Information


Scott Bizek
Minnesota Program Lead

Energy Saving Tip

Set your hot water heater to no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn't just energy smart—it's also safer, since it reduces the likelihood of accidental burns.


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Keep your natural gas meter dry and clear of snow and ice at all times to avoid the potential for dangerous indoor natural gas buildup.

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