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In October 2017, Xcel Energy completed the final business area implementation of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a significant change for our organization and affects all aspects of our operations – from how we plan, and execute our work, to how we plan, purchase, receive, and pay for the goods and services to perform that work.

Benefits to Suppliers

The transition to SAP offers benefits to suppliers through streamlined purchasing processes, more efficient invoice payment processes, improved procurement planning, and request for proposal processes.

What You Should Know

If you have questions, please contact your Supply Chain Representative or the Supply Chain Hotline at or by calling 303-628-2644.

Sourcing and Purchasing Process

Note to Potential Suppliers: Xcel Energy is moving to an "invitation based" registration process. You must be "sponsored" by a Supply Chain representative in order for your registration to be processed. Do not register using the "SAP Registration Link" button below unless you have been invited to by an Xcel Energy Supply Chain representative.

In order for your company to participate in new bidding opportunities, or enter into new contracts with Xcel Energy, receive Purchase Orders or receive payments from Xcel Energy, we need to have your company registered in our system SAP Registration Link

The process is relatively quick and easy (about 20 minutes).  The initial registration is through our SAP – Supplier Lifecycle (SLC) system.  Once registered, you will receive an account and password for SLC.  Your SLC account will allow you to answer questionnaires we send you through SAP and to update your company’s profile (user list, address, phone numbers, emails, etc.).  The SLC system is not for bidding.  We use Emptoris as our Request for Proposal system (bidding).  You will also get an account username and password for Emptoris when bidding is required.

Below are document links to help you with your SAP – SLC account and actions:

  1. SAP-SLC Supplier Registration, Data Maintenance and Qualification Response User Guide (PDF)

Below are two documents to help walk you through the Emptoris process for bidding:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) about our Emptoris software used for bidding.
  2. Supplier’s Quick Reference Guide (PDF) is also included to make the use of the Emptoris software easier as you participate in RFP’s.

Contractor Safety Process

Note: Suppliers do not select the "Contractor Prequalification (external link)" below unless specifically directed to by a Supply Chain representative. This is not the SAP registration site link (i.e. see the big red button above). The site below will require a payment of $50 for the initial registration and if selected by Xcel Energy for a project an additional payment would be required.

Contractor Safety Related Projects: Complete the Contractor Prequalification (external link) for our Contractor Safety Program. This qualification process is required for contractors to be considered to perform construction or maintenance work for Xcel Energy.


Please read the documentation provided and complete the supplier self-registration process. If you have any questions please call or email our Supply Chain Hotline team. Email or call 303-628-2644 during normal business hours (6:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. MT). Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of our business.

Supplier Diversity

We strive to broaden our business partnerships to be inclusive of the diverse communities we serve. Partnering with diverse suppliers like you also contributes to the economic growth and expansion of our communities. Our policy is to offer businesses an equal opportunity to compete in our purchase of products and services.

Learn more about our Supplier Diversity program.

Energy Saving Tip

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Electrical Appliance Safety

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