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Solar Rewards Community Developer Resources

Our Solar*Rewards Community® program is an easy way for our customers to harness the power of the sun without installing their own solar energy system. Through the program, a solar garden operator runs a solar garden, and sells or leases a portion of the energy output directly to the customer. We've compiled helpful information and resources for developers interesting in taking part in the Solar Rewards Community program.

Get Started

  1. Download and read the SRC MN Application Process Manual.

  2. Download and read the SRC Application System Training Presentation.

  3. Apply for a solar garden or access the SRC Portal Login for those already in the process.

  4. Contact the solar gardens operations team.

  5. Add your name to the mailing list to receive program updates.

* If the same Garden Operator is applying for multiple gardens, they should enter the exact same info in the Garden Operator and Primary Application Manager sections on all applications. This will help to ensure that all gardens are visible from and can be managed from a single username/password combo. Please download a new SRC MN Application Process Manual each time you apply to ensure you are looking at the most recently updated document.  We will be continuously updating documents as suggestions come in to make the program more intuitive and to provide answers to new questions.

Program Specifics

Under our Solar Rewards Community program, we offer three options:

1. Solar Rewards MN with Solar Rewards Incentive (MN) - Standard Bill Credit Only

2. Solar Rewards MN with Made in Minnesota Incentive (MIM) - Standard Bill Credit Only

3. Solar Rewards MN (Non-Incentive MN) - Standard or Enhanced Bill Credit depending on Garden Operator Election*

*If the Garden Operator elects to sell RECs, then the enhanced bill credit is assigned, if they elect to keep RECs, the standard bill credit is assigned.

Capacity Screen Requests

If you are interested in determining the capacity for a potential garden at a certain site, you will need to submit a capacity screen request.

Please use the below form (Capacity Screening Form) to request your capacity screen for any site. Both current applications and new sites without an active SRC are eligible for capacity screening. We will deliver results within 15 business days. The cost for each interconnection address screened is $250. Each community solar garden developer must also sign a single NDA and complete a Capacity Screen SOW (see below). The completed forms should be sent to and

Capacity Screening Form (XLS)
Nondisclosure Agreement (PDF)
Capacity Screen SOW (PDF)

* Please Note: If you are experiencing issues viewing the .XLSX file from your computer please right click the link and select “Save Link As…” to save, download, and view the spreadsheet from your desktop.

Program Policies & Guidelines

Requirements for Engineering Documents (PDF)
Solar Rewards Community Minnesota Info Slides (PDF)
Eligible Billing Rates for Solar Rewards Community Minnesota (PDF)
Solar Rewards Community Garden Operator FAQs (PDF)

Engineering Information

Substation DG Queue - 3/21/17 (XLSX)
Engineering FAQs (PDF)
Technical Review Guidelines - One-Line & Site Plan (PDF)
Sample One-Line for Typical Primary Metered SRC System with Secondary Voltage Production Meter (PDF)
Sample One-Line for Typical Primary Metered SRC System with Primary Voltage Production Meter (PDF)
Sample One-Line for Typical Secondary Metered SRC System (PDF)

** Please Note: If you are experiencing issues viewing the .XLSX file from your computer please right click the link and select “Save Link As…” to save, download, and view the spreadsheet from your desktop.

Sample Documents and Forms

Below are links for sample documents and forms that will be used throughout the Solar Rewards Community process.

Xcel Energy CEUD Release Consent Form (PDF)
Deposit Form (PDF)
Generation Interconnection Application Fee Form (PDF)
Reservation Letter (PDF)
Interconnection Agreement (PDF)
Credit Policy-NSP Tariff (PDF)
Standard Contract for Solar*Rewards Community (PDF)
Standard Contract for SRC for those receiving Solar*Rewards Incentive (PDF)
FERC Form 556 (PDF)
Bill Credit Timing for SRC (PDF)
Sample Bill Credit (PDF)

Amendments to the Standard Solar Rewards Community Contract

Application of the Appropriate Bill Credit Rate (PDF)
Insurance Requirements for a Co-Located Community Solar Garden Site (PDF)
Requirements of Annual Report Submitted by Community Solar Garden Operator (PDF)
Insurance Requirement - Addressing Aggregate Limits (PDF)

Additional Information & Tariffs

Minnesota Electric Rate Book: Section 9 (PDF) - Cogeneration
Minnesota Electric Rate Book: Section 10 (PDF) - Distributed Resources
Garden Application Status by County (PDF)


* Application Reviewed for Completeness: Projects in this category are approved to move forward into the “interconnection queue” as defined by Commission Order dated Feb. 13, 2015 and referenced in our Section 9 tariff.

** Approved: Gardens that have had their interconnection applications approved and are moving forward into construction.

Energy Saving Tip

A programmable thermostat can help you save big on energy costs, adjusting the temperature when you're at work, at play, or asleep.


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