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Empowering community energy planning

More and more communities are realizing energy planning plays a critical role in helping them reach their goals. The benefits of wise energy choices are diverse. By working with citizens, businesses, and even their own government facilities, a community can shave dollars off utility bills, promote renewables, drive resource conservation or contribute toward greenhouse gas reduction goals. We help you address the challenge of identifying local priorities and then structure a path that leverages all resources available. Xcel Energy responded to this call by introducing Partners in Energy in 2014. 

Partners in Energy provides communities in Minnesota and Colorado free services to develop an energy plan and assistance with implementing that plan. Each community has its own unique energy needs and priorities, and Partners in Energy tailors its services to complement each community’s vision. 

Watch this short overview video on Partners in Energy

Our facilitation services are free for your community

We’ve teamed up with experts in community planning, energy consulting and facilitation. They’ll guide your community to help form your teams and develop your Energy Action Plan that will establish energy objectives and strategies designed to help you achieve your community’s goals.

Here are (PDF) ideas of the support we can provide.

Your approach is all your own

The two-year energy goal achievement begins with your planning team developing a robust Energy Action Plan with our support through workshops. The remaining months will be used to roll out your creative ideas like events, exhibits, workshops, recognition, social media and educational outreach. It’s amazing how many great ideas are cultivated in the Partners in Energy team environments.

Even after the two year period, your plan can pave the way for on-going community involvement and awareness about your efforts, building continued momentum.

We’re excited to introduce this unique, rewarding offering to energy-motivated communities and invite you to inquire about being a Partners in Energy community.

Are you an interested community representative?

Click here to email us your contact information and ask us any questions.
Or call us at 800-369-4362 with any questions.

Quick References so you can learn more

Partners In Energy Application (PDF)
Partners in Energy Overview (PDF)
Partners in Energy Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Partners in Energy Participant - Red Wing, MN (PDF)
Partners in Energy Sample Implementation Resources (PDF)

Energy Saving Tip

Make sure to regularly change the air filters on your HVAC system (at least once per month). Old, clogged filters are far less efficient than new ones.

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Look Up. Look Out. Stay Safe.

Be very aware of overhead power lines coming into your home. Always keep yourself, your ladders and tools at least 10 feet away.

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