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You can go solar with a bonus.

Solar*Rewards® is your opportunity to have solar for your home or business. It's an incentivized program, so monthly payments are made to the owner of the solar system in exchange for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for the energy produced by the solar system.

If you produce more than you need, the extra energy is added to our grid, and any excess energy is held in your solar bank for use in future months. View the Solar Bank Election form to learn more.

Want to know more about our other solar option? Net Energy Metering (NEM) has the same benefits as Solar Rewards, except that it's non-incentivized.

Step 1 - See if Private Solar is Right for You

If you're wondering how private solar works, or if your home or business is right for solar, you should see if solar is right for you.

Step 2 - Find a Solar Installer

Once you've decided to install solar on your home or business, you'll want to install a system that's right for you by working with a solar installer. Your installer will help you find the perfect fit based on location, design, and scale.

Filling out a Solar Rewards application is next. In most cases, you'll work with a developer or installer who will submit your application for you. You can also create and manage your own application by simply registering and logging into the Application Portal.

Already a participant? Visit our Solar Rewards Participant Information page

Are you a solar developer or installer? Access our Renewable Developer Resource Center

Step 3 - Choose Your Program

You have the option to participate in the Small, Medium, or Large program based on the system size. REC incentives are paid to the owner of the solar system in cents per kilowatt hour (¢ per kWh). Get more information on each program below:

2020 Solar*Rewards Program Opening Dates

As part of Proceeding 19A-0369EE, the proposal for the 2020-2021 Renewable Energy plan, a Motion for Extension of the 2017-19 RE Plan into Q1 2020 was proposed and granted. This extension plan was proposed to keep the programs and capacity going as we work toward PUC approval of the 2020-2021 Renewable Energy Plan. Below are the existing requirements for the programs that will be offered during Q1 2020. Program opens 10.a.m. MT on all dates.

Solar Rewards Small Program (.05 kW - 25 kW) Solar Rewards Small Program (.05 kW - 25 kW)
Solar Rewards Medium Program (25.01 kW - 500 kW) Solar Rewards Medium Program (25.01 kW - 500 kW)
Solar Rewards Large Program (Request for Proposals) Solar Rewards Large Program (Request for Proposals)

Step 4 - Get More Information

What's a REC? What's a REC?
Are You Moving? Are You Moving?
Additional Information Additional Information
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in other renewable options?

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