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Solar Rewards for Residences

Produce your own solar energy, and sell us what you don’t use.

Through our Solar*Rewards® for Residences program, you install solar panels at your home so that you can produce your own energy. If you produce more than you need, the extra energy is added to our grid, and you receive a credit on your bill.

In most cases, you’ll work with a developer or installer who will take care of most of the technical aspects of the process. View our Working with Third Party Providers page for helpful tips and links to websites that can help you find a company to work with.

Are you a solar developer or installer? Access our Renewable Developer Resource Center.

Getting Started

Before installing solar panels, you'll want to consider all of your renewable energy options. Visit Is Solar Right for Me? to learn more about important factors to consider.

If you do decide to participate in Solar Rewards, you'll want to solicit bids from several installers whom you may choose to work with. The installer you select will help you determine the appropriate system based on size, design, and scale.

Typically the solar installer will submit your Solar Rewards application on your behalf, however, if you are interested in registering your own application simply log into the Solar Rewards Application Portal (external link) below.

Application Portal

Program Specifics

The 2017 Solar Rewards incentive program includes the same program requirements (outlined below) and incentive level as the 2015 and 2016 programs. The current performance based incentive (PBI) offered to customers to help offset the cost of installing PV is $0.08 (8 cents) per kWh produced by the PV system. The incentive is paid annually for 10 years, with payment being made by check in January and February of each year depending on your billing cycle.

2017 Program Capacity

MW AllocatedMW Available
4.600 MW 1.597 MW 3.000 MW

Last updated: 4/5/2017

Moving Out of Your Home?

Did you, or are you planning to move to a property where solar panels are installed? Are you selling a property with solar panels installed? Most solar rooftop installations are tied to a contract with Xcel Energy which requires a transfer of ownership. The Solar Rewards or net metering contract with Xcel Energy must be transferred to the new owner to receive the benefits of the solar generation. The transfer of ownership is commonly referred to as the Assignment of Contract. Please follow the instructions to begin the assignment of ownership process.

Sample Application Documents

Note: These sample Application Documents are to be used as a reference, all official Solar Rewards documents must be downloaded from the online application.

Eligibility & Program Phases

To qualify, you must:

  • Be an electric residential or business customer of Xcel Energy in Minnesota.
  • Have not received an incentive under the Solar*Rewards program for another PV system installed at the service address.
  • Ensure that the same PV project is also not a participant in the Made in Minnesota incentive program coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
  • Get preapproval on your solar project through the Solar*Rewards program prior to purchase and installation.
  • Install PV solar panels that produce electricity; solar water heating systems do not qualify.
  • Provide an email address (customer) to receive application confirmation and updates through the online application system.
  • Own the PV system and the property/building on which the system will be installed.
  • Agree to connect your system to our electrical grid.
  • Agree to assign the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) produced by the system to Xcel Energy for the term of the 10-year contract.
  • Have completed an online Home Energy Audit through My Account (residential customers) or Online Energy Assessment (business customers) through within the last three years. Other Xcel Energy fee based energy audits also qualify.
  • Sign a 10-year Solar*Rewards contract.
  • Install a system that produces between 0.5 and 20.00kW. Systems of 20.01kW do not qualify.
  • Install a PV system that produces less than 120 percent of the customer’s annual energy use, based on the past 12 months of energy use.
  • Have PV panels and inverters listed on the California Energy Commissions (CEC) list.
  • Installations must be completed within 365 days of submission.

Funding Approval Phase

  1. Verify that your planned system meets all eligibility requirements.
  2. Choose an installer, based on multiple estimates. Your installer can complete the application for you or you can fill it out and designate them as the installer. Installation contractors must first register at the application website. We must approve their registration request. It may take up to five business days to process.
  3. Register and complete the online application at the application website.
  4. Complete the required fields in the Contacts, System Details and Documents and Payments tabs.
  5. ESign or download/sign and fax back your acknowledgement letter after you receive an email from Solar*Rewards when the project is approved for funding.*

*Customers receive funding if customer/system information meets the program requirements and there are funds available in the Solar*Rewards annual budget.

Program/Engineering Approval Phase

  1. Download and complete the engineering fee form; include the engineering fee of $250 by check and mail to the address on the fee form.
  2. Submit (upload) a valid line diagram, site plan and testing procedure for engineering review. (If you are doing this in a second time frame from Step 4 above, you will need to hit the Submit for Approval button again.
  3. Once engineering has been approved, we update your applications status online to Final Information stage and you will be notified by e-mail.
  4. If your application is declined the Application Fee will not be returned to you unless the associated engineering costs (including, but not limited to approving the line diagram, site plan and testing procedure) have not yet been incurred for the application.

Post-Approval Phase

  1. Complete installation and enter details into the "Final Information" tab on the online application.
  2. Upload final documentation:
    • Final electrical inspection
    • Proof of customer's $300,000 minimum personal property liability insurance at the install address
  3. ESign or download/sign and fax back your final contract and M-RETS form.
  4. Schedule installation of production and bi-directional meter and testing. You will receive an e-mail on how to schedule the meter installation/system witness test.

Send all application materials to:
Fax: 612-318-4785
Attn: MN Solar*Rewards
414 Nicollet Mall, 6th Fl
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Or upload online at the application website (must be registered, see Documents section on site).

Additional Resources

Stay Informed

If you would like to receive regular e-mail communications regarding regulatory and program updates from the Solar*Rewards Team please sign up here.

Ask Us

Still have questions? Email us and we’ll answer your questions and help guide you through the process if you're ready to go solar.

Energy Saving Tip

Energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs may cost a bit more up front, but they can save big money over the life of the product. Plus, some energy-efficient equipment may be eligible for rebates to offset the initial cost.


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