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Solar*Rewards® for Income-Qualified Customers

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Solar*Rewards® has specific incentives set aside for income-qualified customers with limited financial resources. You can invest in solar on your single family home, townhome, apartment building or business, or building a solar garden for income-qualified customers.

Step 1 - Find Out if You Qualify for Our Solar Rewards Income-Qualified Program

You may be eligible for special consideration to participate in the Solar Rewards program if you have limited financial resources. Use the information below to help determine if you qualify and how to enroll. If you are not eligible for our income-qualified program, you may apply for our incentives through our general Solar Rewards program.

Income-Qualified Single-Family Customers Income-Qualified Single-Family Customers
Income-Qualified Multi-Family Customers Income-Qualified Multi-Family Customers
Income-Qualified Public Facility Customers Income-Qualified Public Facility Customers

Step 2 - See if On-Site Solar is Right for You

If you're wondering how solar works, or if your home or business is right for solar, you should see if solar is right for you.

Step 3 - Find a Solar Installer

Once you've decided to go solar with your home or business, you'll want to install a system that's right for you by finding a solar installer. Your installer will analyze your options and put together the cost and details for your solar efforts. We recommend getting at least three bids and carefully understanding the costs and benefits for the life of your solar participation.

Step 4 - Complete the Application Process

In most cases, you'll work with a developer or installer who will submit your application for you. You can also create and manage your own application by simply registering and logging into the Application Portal.

Already a participant? Visit our Solar Rewards portal

Are you a solar developer or installer? Access our Renewable Developer Resource Center

Incentive Details Incentive Details
Income-Qualified Program Capacity Details Income-Qualified Program Capacity Details

Step 5 - Get More Information

What's a REC? What's a REC?
Are You Moving? Are You Moving?
Additional Information Additional Information
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

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