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Participate in renewable offerings without the hassle of installing solar panels on your residence or business by subscribing to Xcel Energy's Solar* Rewards Community program. Solar* Rewards Community is the nation's largest community solar program and it gives Xcel Energy customers the opportunity to subscribe to a  third-party community solar garden nearby. Once subscribed, customers will begin receiving credits on their monthly utilities bill for the solar energy that their subscription contributes to the Xcel Energy grid.

You may or may not save money by participating in solar gardens - subscription agreements are between you and the garden operator. And while we support and administer the program, we cannot advise you on the potential savings or other aspects of your solar garden subscription.

Are you a solar developer or installer? Access our Renewable Developer Resource Center.

Getting Started

  1. View the What should you know before subscribing? (PDF) (via CERTS) document to learn more about solar garden subscriptions. The Minnesota Office of the Attorney General also provides a helpful overview of benefits and risks that may be associated with subscription contracts.
  2. If you’re interested in subscribing now, we suggest contacting several of the garden operators that offer gardens in your home county or adjacent county. They’ll work with you to understand the pricing and terms of their subscription contracts and complete any necessary participation paperwork.
  3. You will continue to be billed normally, but will receive credits on your bill based on your solar subscription.
  4. If you have questions, contact the solar gardens program team at

Program Specifics

  • Subscribers to the Solar*Rewards Community program do not receive the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), as those are either maintained by the solar garden operator or may be sold by the garden operator to Xcel Energy. This means that subscribers are not able to make claims of offsetting their energy usage or using green energy beyond the extent of Xcel Energy's overall renewable energy mix.
  • Bill credits are based on all-inclusive rates, which include base rates plus fuel-cost charges and extra fees for special projects that altogether make the cost you pay per kWh go up or down each year. Since 2000, these all-inclusive rates have risen an average of 3.3 percent annually (source: Edison Electric Institute). View the Average Xcel Energy Minnesota Retail Rate Change 2000-2015 (JPG), which depicts our annual change. For more information on our rates visit the Rates, Rights and Service Rules page.
  • Solar gardens are interconnected with Xcel Energy's electric grid, contributing to the overall energy mix that is distributed to all Xcel Energy customers, including both subscribed and non-subscribing customers.
  • Solar Rewards Community subscribers’ bill credits are funded through the fuel-cost charge line that’s included on all customers’ Xcel Energy bills.

Bill Credit Timing for SRC (PDF)
Eligible Billing Rates for SRC MN (PDF)
Sample Bill Credit (PDF)
2018 ARR and VOS Bill Credit Rates Explanation (PDF)

  • Please note: Customers that qualify for Energy Assistance should be aware that their potential for assistance is calculated from the total amount due on their electricity bill and thus may be reduced by bill credits received through the Solar*Rewards Community program.

View the MN Solar Gardens in Progress** Please Note: If you are experiencing issues viewing the .XLSX file from your computer please right click the link and select “Save Link As…” to save, download, and view the spreadsheet from your desktop.

Garden Application Status by County (PDF)

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Still have questions? Email us and we’ll answer your questions and help guide you through the process if you're ready to go solar. You can also join our mailing list.

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