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Whole Home Efficiency

Earn rebates by taking the whole home approach to energy efficiency.

Our Whole Home Efficiency program can help you find projects that enhance your home’s efficiency and your energy savings.

Get Started

  1. If you haven't had a Standard Home Energy Audit in the past three years, you'll need to schedule one by calling 800-895-4999 (The Standard Audit costs $60). Tell us you’re calling to qualify for the Whole Home Efficiency Rebate program.
  2. Our program partner, Center for Energy and Environment, is available to help you sign up for the Whole Home Efficiency program.  To contact an Energy Advisor, call 651-328-6224 or email

  3. Choose a participating contractor to install your recommended improvements. Find more information here.
  4. Call CEE at 651-328-6224 for an inspection after all of the improvements have been installed. At the time of the final inspection, CEE will collect your receipts and then submit your rebate paperwork for you.


Call our Customer Care Center at 800-895-4999.


To be eligible, you must:

Once you have completed your projects, call The CEE to schedule your final inspection. At that time, the inspector will also install for you, at no additional cost, any of the following:

And after that, you could be eligible for even more rebates!

Bonus Rebate for Air Sealing

Talk to your contractor about air sealing work. The CEE will run a blower door test at your audit and again at your inspection. If the result is 25-29 percent better at the inspection, you can earn an extra $150 rebate. If it is 30 percent or better, you can earn an extra $200 rebate.

Rebates are issued after our partner, the CEE, verifies that all improvements were completed properly and your rebate paperwork is processed.

Insulation (Choose one or both of the insulation requirements)
Attic Insulation 30% of project cost up to $300
Comprehensive Wall Insulation (at least 75% of exterior walls) 30% of project cost  up to $300
Choose additional projects for a minimum of three (3) total improvements*
Insulation and Air Sealing  
Air leakage Reduction (25%-29%) $150
Air Leakage Reduction (30% and above) $200
Wall Insulation (non-comprehensive) 30% of project cost up to $300
High Efficiency Heating  
95% AFUE Furnace $200
96% AFUE Furnace $325
97% AFUE Furnace $425
84% AFUE Boiler $125
90% AFUE Boiler $300
95% AFUE Boiler $400
96% AFUE Furnace $325
97% AFUE Furnace $425
EC Motor Furnace Fan (new or existing furnace) $125
Programmable Thermostat (install and program) $ 10
High Efficiency Cooling  
13.0 + SEER AC with Quality Install $175
15.0 + SEER; 12.5+ EER AC with Quality Install $375
16.0 + SEER; 13.0+ EER AC with Quality Install $475
Ductless Mini-split heat pump $200
Water Heating  
.67 EF Storage Gas Water Heater $100
.70 EF Storage Gas Water Heater $175
.90 EF Tankless Gas Water Heater $250
Energy Star Appliances  
Clothes washer $ 10
Refrigerator $ 15
Items available  for installation at the time of the final inspection (no additional rebate provided)  
LED bulbs (up to 15) FREE
Faucet Aerators FREE
Efficient Showerheads FREE
Water Heater Blanket FREE

Special Notes:

  1. Customers are not eligible to receive rebates from Whole Home Efficiency and other Xcel Energy programs for the same improvement.
  2. Customer invoices/receipts must be dated after their audit date and after the date of sign-up for the Whole Home Efficiency program.
  3. The test-out inspection must be completed in a satisfactory matter.
  4. Customers must meet all program requirements to be eligible for any of the Whole Home Efficiency rebates.
  5. Unless otherwise told, improvements must be completed by an Xcel Energy Participating Installation Contractor (PIC).
  6. Central AC units must be installed by an Xcel Energy Participating Central AC Contractor found on the PIC list. To be eligible, the contractor must fill out the High Efficiency Cooling Rebate form for proper Quality Install information. This paperwork should be turned in with the Whole Home Efficiency application after the test-out is complete.
  7. Certain restrictions and criteria may apply.
  8. Rebate levels, limits and requirements may be changed as necessary. Check with the program administrator, Center for Energy and Environment, at 651-328-6224 for latest updates.
  9. Program is contingent on availability of funds and could be terminated at any time.

Energy Saving Tip

Create your own shade by planting a tree in a strategic location in your yard to block sunlight from pouring into your windows. It doesn't get much more green than a tree!

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Install carbon monoxide detectors and annually hire a qualified contractor to inspect your home for proper ventilation.

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