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Natural Gas Savings Calculator

How much could you save by switching to natural gas?

Select the appropriate state or expansion area in the dropdown menu to calculate your estimated annual savings. Choose your current fuel type - propane or fuel oil. In the fields provided, enter your Gallons per Year and Price per Gallons - then select calculate.


The estimate provided above uses Xcel Energy's Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin residential natural gas rates as selected. We used a weighted winter average amount per therm for two years ending March 2019 (Wisconsin ending March 2019): Minnesota $0.6302/therm, North Dakota $0.3922/therm, Wisconsin $0.7568/therm. Your savings estimate includes approximate natural gas therms based on your input of propane or fuel oil. Also included in the calculation are the monthly Basic Service Charge and the monthly Extension Surcharge or New Area Surcharge where appropriate. The estimate for Barnesville includes a five percent franchise fee, which is charged monthly as a "city fee" and paid to the city quarterly.
Please note the items below will show as separate items on your Xcel Energy invoice based on your service location.

  • Monthly Basic Service Charge: Minnesota $9.00, North Dakota $18.48 or Wisconsin $14.00
  • Monthly Extension Surcharge: Barnesville and Ulen/Hitterdal $23.99, Holdingford $14.45
  • Monthly New Area Surcharge: Pillager $13.50
  • Natural Gas Service including distribution, cost of natural gas, rate riders and city franchise fees as applicable

Business customers: Please note this calculator utilizes residential rates. Our team will work with you to estimate your natural gas service needs and associated rate.