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Home Energy Squad

Does your home have leaky doors, an old thermostat and/or inefficient incandescent light bulbs? The Home Energy Squad can fix these in one visit—quickly, efficiently and affordably.

For just $75, the Home Energy Squad will come to your home and make it more efficient for you. They’ll do things like swap out traditional bulbs for LEDs, install a programmable thermostat, weather-strip a drafty door and install energy-efficient showerheads and aerators. Installation, labor, and materials are free – a $200 value!

A Home Energy Squad visit is also ideal for homeowners who have recently moved, or completed a Home Energy Audit and need someone to implement some of the recommended energy-saving measures.

How it Works

  1. Schedule an appointment online or by calling (303) 446-7910. You may also submit your information and we will call you to schedule an appointment.

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2. The Home Energy Squad will quickly assess your home's efficiency needs and make the energy-saving installations for you - all in a two-hour visit. The result is a more efficient, more comfortable home...and savings on your energy bill.

Note: The Home Energy Squad does not conduct Home Energy Audits. Please visit the Xcel Home Energy Audit page to learn more about that offering.

What’s Included

  • ENERGY STAR®- qualified LED bulbs
  • A programmable thermostat
  • Weather stripping for one external door
  • High-efficiency showerheads
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators
  • Water heater insulation

You may buy additional items if you choose. Items available for purchase include:

  • A second programmable thermostat
  • Weather stripping for additional external doors


To qualify, you must be a residential combination electric and natural gas, or residential electric-only customer of Xcel Energy.

Renters are eligible too! Your home must have its own electric/gas utility account, and must be a detached single-family home or part of a building with four or fewer units. Prior approval from the property owner/landlord is required.

Other restrictions may apply.

Depending on the availability of our Home Energy Squad crews, please allow up to 10 days to schedule your visit. For locations outside the Denver metro area, inclement weather may limit availability during winter months.

The Home Energy Squad is a partnership between Xcel Energy and CLEAResult.

Energy Saving Tip

Turn off your lights when you leave the room—even if you'll only be gone for a moment. Contemporary light bulbs require very little energy to turn "on."


Maintaining Customer-Owned Service Lines

If you have gas or electric lines feeding a detached garage, workshop, pool heater, outdoor gas grill, or other location on your property, you need to know that you are responsible for maintaining them.

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