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Windsource for Business

Buy affordable, renewable wind energy for your business.

Be an Environmental Leader

Sustainability is a point of pride and differentiation for many companies, but the cost and complexity of installing renewable technologies can be overwhelming.

Enter Windsource®: simple, affordable, and local renewable energy. Over the last 19 years, Windsource has delivered billions of kWh of renewable energy to customers across our service territory. 

A Windsource subscription helps your business generate goodwill, meet sustainability goals and points on your business for the future. You'll also be supporting rural economies through tax revenue and jobs.

Get Started

  1. Sign up today with our online application.
  2. Choose how much you want- get started with 10 blocks (1,000 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy), or choose to receive up to 100% of your electricity from renewable energy.
  3. For any questions regarding Windsource, please:

Pricing Information
Windsource subscriptions are available in 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks for a small additional premium of $3.53 per block, less a credit for fuel costs. In 2019, the net Windsource premium for Commercial and Industrial non-demand customers was $0.98 per 100 kWh block ($0.0098 per kWh).

Sign up for 100% of your electricity usage or a set number of blocks as a portion of your usage. We require a three-year commitment for all business customers. Your Windsource premium will appear right on your monthly energy bill.

Power your event with wind.
Take advantage of Windsource to make your next conference, sporting event or meeting powered by renewable energy. Contact us for details.

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