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Power your business with clean energy.

The low-cost, clean and reliable energy you receive from us includes 27 percent renewable energy and is 56 percent carbon free. However, more businesses and communities are seeking additional clean, renewable energy sources to meet their sustainable energy needs and reduce carbon emissions. That's why we're proud to offer Renewable*Connect®. It provides an easy, affordable path to renewable power. We're enabling your business to utilize a blend of locally sourced wind and solar energy without the need to invest in equipment.


The Renewable*Connect program is now fully subscribed. We are accepting applications for the program waitlist, which will be used in the event program capacity becomes available.


How it Works

Renewable Connect offers month-to-month, five-year and 10-year subscription terms. Pre-determined and fixed price schedules are set when you choose the term of your contract. The longer your contract, the more economical it could be. With Renewable Connect, you can capture the economic benefits of renewables, including more predictable costs, with locked-in price schedules. For complete pricing information, refer to the Price, Terms and Conditions.

2021 Price per Block $3.65 $3.35 $3.30
Average Fuel Cost Credit* $2.65 $2.65 $2.65
Net Price per Block $1.00 $0.70 $0.65

*Based on the 2020 average Fuel Cost Credit for Minnesota commercial and industrial demand customers.

Meet Environmental Goals

With Renewable*Connect, the associated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are retired on your behalf, which is an important distinction from other types of renewable programs. This allows your business to make claims on the use of renewable energy, achieve LEED® certification, and communicate the positive impact your business is making on the environment.

Learn about Certified Renewable Percentage and how to take advantage of the renewable energy already on our system as a starting point in calculating your voluntary program energy needs to reach a 100% clean energy goal.

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