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Earn rebates on high-efficiency HVAC +refrigeration systems and other improvements

Save energy and money by taking steps to boost the efficiency of your HVAC and refrigeration systems. Or, if it’s time for a replacement, upgrade to a high-efficiency system. You can earn rebates on a wide range of energy-efficient equipment.

Eligible Upgrades and Improvements Eligible Upgrades and Improvements

Contact your account manager or an energy advisor at 855.839.8862 if have questions or would like assistance with submitting your rebate application. How to earn rebates:

Step 1 - Check Your HVAC-R Rebate Eligibility

Step 2 - Purchase Qualifying Equipment

Step 3 - Install Equipment

Step 4 - Submit Application

Your rebate will arrive in six to eight weeks.

You have one year from the date you purchase for qualifying heating and cooling equipment to submit your rebate application and 24 months from the date you purchase for motors and drives equipment:


Can’t find a rebate that matches your energy-saving project? Your project could qualify for a custom rebate up to $400 per kW saved. Follow the steps listed on our Custom Efficiency Rebate page to submit a request for preapproval.

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