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Leverage our powerful energy management tool for your business.

InfoWise is a data-driven online cloud-service tool that can help manage the day-to-day energy use for a building. It allows business owners and facility managers from businesses, schools, and public institutions to gain insight into electric and natural gas energy use. It also enables users to take steps to control energy use, saving money and protecting the environment.

Get Started

Contact your Xcel Energy Account Manager for details on how to get started or email or call Power TakeOff at 1-800-303-9890.

What to Expect

InfoWise customers receive interval data in 15-minute increments, 1-minute increments or even real-time, depending on the level of service. This data provides detailed information regarding energy consumption (kWh) and demand (kW) usage. Real-time users can also receive power factor, amperage, harmonic, voltage and other interval data information.

Xcel Energy electricity and natural gas customers are eligible to receive InfoWise reporting through an online portal, via e-mail or by phone. InfoWise is also integrated with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, which can be used to send your facility’s information to ENERGY STAR and receive your ENERGY STAR score.

*Use of InfoWise does not guarantee cost or energy savings. Customer is responsible for any required and necessary upgrades, such as costs associated with new IDR meter installation.

Prior to initiating service, customers must submit in email/writing a “start service request and data transfer consent” provided by Power TakeOff. No contracts are required. Should you want to no longer receive the service, you'll need to provide a 30-day written cancellation. The service is conveniently billed on your Xcel Energy statement.

InfoWise Information Sheet (PDF)
Newsletter - August 2015 (PDF)
Newsletter - December 2014 (PDF)


  • Find ways to save energy: View, track, compare, graph and manage energy usage
  • Electric or natural gas consumption information delivered in real-time, next-day, and monthly
  • Detailed usage history for monthly billing period showing daily, 15-minute, 5-minute or 1-minute intervals
  • Access to your information on-the-go via mobile or tablet devices
  • Real-time usage or demand (kW) alerts sent via email, text message or voice call
  • Summary reports delivered to your inbox that can be passed onto management
  • Multi-metering to monitor numerous facilities or areas in one facility, including sub-metering
  • Ability to report on power factor, voltage and amperage available
  • Historical information comparison and analysis
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager integration
  • Historical and forecasted weather information
  • Detailed weather data such as heating degree days, temperature and humidity
  • Normalized energy data capacity to determine true energy consumption
  • Energy usage cost information


All non-residential Xcel Energy customers qualify, including businesses, schools and public institutions.


Reports include:

  • Summary of monthly energy usage with total consumption and max demand.
  • The current month’s daily consumption and max demand compared to the same month last year.
  • Weather data helps to identify correlation between weather and energy usage.
  • Monthly consumption, demand and weather data compared to the same months last year.
  • Minute-by-minute Real-Time data helps you identify and keep on top of demand spikes.
  • Comparison capabilities allow you to compare the current day to any previous day.
  • Daily totals of natural gas usage helps to track energy operations.
  • Interval usage of natural gas allows you to closely monitor energy activity.
  • Available power factor monitoring allows you to pinpoint low power factor periods, minute-by-minute.


InfoWise offers a straightforward pricing structure for added convenience. All associated costs are billed to your Xcel Energy account and appear on your monthly statement.

Month-to-Month Service - no contracts or third-party invoices:

  • Installation charges vary by state

Monthly Monitoring:

  • $75 one-time setup charge per meter
  • $75 per month, per meter

Next Day & Monthly Monitoring:

  • $150 one-time setup charge per meter
  • $150 per month, per meter

Real-Time with Alerts, plus Next Day & Monthly Monitoring:

  • $150 one-time setup charge per meter
  • $900 - $1,100 equipment cost
  • $150 per month, per meter

Power TakeOff is Xcel Energy’s InfoWise energy management partner working with us to provide valuable customer tools.

Energy Saving Tip

A programmable thermostat can help you save big on energy costs, adjusting the temperature when you're at work, at play, or asleep.

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