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Building a Carbon-Free Future

Our bold vision for 2030 and 2050.

Clean Energy Transition

Learn more about our clean energy transition.

100% carbon free by 2050 and 80% less carbon by 2030.

We’re delivering affordable, reliable energy today using advanced clean energy technologies. Now, with ambitious plans, we’re increasing renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions to levels we never imagined a decade ago.

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We received a national 2020 Climate Leadership Award (external link) for top Organizational Leadership. It recognizes our significant carbon reductions, as well as our support of customers and communities in achieving their clean energy goals.

Industry-leading Goals

We were the first major U.S electricity provider with a vision to serve customers with 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050 and to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2030 company-wide from 2005 levels. We had our largest one-year decline in carbon emissions in 2019, reducing carbon emissions 44% since 2005. That puts us over halfway to reaching our 2030 goal.

We believe that we can reliably and cost-effectively cut carbon emissions 80% by 2030 with the renewable and carbon-free generation and energy storage technologies available today.

But, serving customers with 100% carbon-free electricity will require technologies not yet commercially available. Even though our carbon-free aspiration is decades away, we're beginning work now with stakeholders to help develop these technologies, as well as the policies and support, that will make this aspiration achievable.

Our Past, Present and Future

Use the slider to see our key milestones in reducing carbon emissions from the past to the future.

  1. 2005
  2. 2013
  3. 2017
  4. 2027
21% Carbon Free


Xcel Energy becomes one of the first power suppliers to sign on to track, verify, and reduce carbon emissions.


Read the Report

Our carbon report outlines the path to achieving ambitious carbon reductions and includes an in-depth analysis of our vision - an industry first for this type of study. Climate modeling experts with the University of Denver confirmed that our goals are consistent with electric sector emission reduction trajectories likely to meet the temperature goals of the Paris climate agreement. Click on the cover below to get the report.

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See a one-page summary of the report and one-page summary of the scientific analysis of our vision. Find the full analysis by climate modeling experts with the University of Denver.

Current Plans

We have a number of plans underway to transition to cleaner energy resources. These include:

  • Implementing the country's largest multi-state wind plan with 12 new, low-cost wind farms across seven states.
  • Moving forward with our transformative Colorado Energy Plan that will retire two more coal units by 2026 and add significant new wind and solar resources, as well as large-scale battery storage.
  • Proposing a new Upper Midwest Energy Plan that aims to continue our clean energy transition by closing our remaining coal units in the Upper Midwest, extending the use of carbon-free nuclear energy, using cleaner natural gas, and increasing wind and solar energy.
  • Replacing coal generation with cleaner energy sources, such as wind and solar power. Under approved plans, we are retiring 23 coal units from 2005 to 2027 — about half of the coal-fueled capacity we own.

Our Progress and Carbon Emissions Reporting

Achieving our goals requires that we measure, track and report progress. We publish our carbon emissions in several formats and reports to meet the information needs of customers and others.

Xcel Energy’s 2017 greenhouse gas reporting earned The Climate Registry’s all-star status — its highest level of recognition for excellence in greenhouse gas reporting.

Climate Registered Allstar

Where to Find Our Reporting

  • We detail our clean energy initiatives and report carbon emissions in Xcel Energy’s annual Corporate Responsibility Report. Find this information in the Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions section of the report.
  • We provide annual carbon emissions intensities for customers who need the information for their own sustainability reporting and goals.
  • For cities and counties, we make it easier to track community and sustainability goals with our Community Energy Reports.
  • We publish a report for investors and others that follows industry templates from the Edison Electric Institute and American Gas Association. It's helpful for those looking for consistent industry information. Xcel Energy also participates in the CDP climate change questionnaire.
  • Xcel Energy also participates in the CDP climate change questionnaire.
  • Our carbon reporting is based on The Climate Registry’s Electric Power Sector Protocol. We joined The Climate Registry as a founding member in 2007 and are the first in our industry to report and third-party verify emissions in accordance with The Climate Registry for 14 consecutive years. Find this reporting here.
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