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Dam Failure Inundation-Flood Maps

Inundation (flood) maps indicate which areas are subject to flooding in the unlikely event of a dam failure. Find the specific river segments below and check the corresponding maps to see what areas may be impacted by dam failure.


Flood Map (PDF)

Apple River System-
Riverdale Dam to St. Croix River

Apple River Dam to St. Croix River (PDF)

Riverdale Dam to Somerset (PDF)

Chippewa River System-
Chippewa Reservoir Dam to Lake Holcombe

Chippewa Reservoir Index Map (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 1 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 2 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 3 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 4 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 5 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 6 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 7 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 8 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 9 (PDF)

Chippewa Reservoir Map 10 (PDF)

Chippewa River System-
Holcombe Dam to Lake Wissota

Holcombe Index Map (PDF)

Holcombe Dam Map 1 (PDF)

Holcombe Dam Map 2 (PDF)

Holcombe Dam Map 3 (PDF)

Holcombe Dam Map 4 (PDF)

Chippewa River System-
Wissota Dam to Confluence with Red Cedar River

Wissota Map Index (PDF)

Wissota Map 1 (PDF)

Wissota Map 2 (PDF)

Wissota Map 3 (PDF)

Wissota Map 4 (PDF)

Wissota Map 5 (PDF)

Flambeau River System-
Turtle Flambeau Dam to Big Falls Flowage

Turtle Flambeau Index Map (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 1 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 2 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 3 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 4 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 5 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 6 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 7 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 8 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 9 (PDF)

Turtle Flambeau Map 10 (PDF)

Flambeau River System-
Big Falls to Thornapple Dam

Big Falls Dam to Thornapple Dam Index (PDF)

Big Falls Map 1 (PDF)

Big Falls Map 2 (PDF)

Big Falls Map 3 (PDF)

Namekagon River System-
Trego Dam to St. Croix River

Trego Map Index (PDF)

Trego Map 1 (PDF)

Trego Map 2 (PDF)

Trego Map 3 (PDF)

Red Cedar River System-
Cedar Falls Dam to County Hwy Y

Cedar Falls Dam to Interstate 94 (PDF)

Menomonie Dam to 330th Ave (PDF)

330th Ave to County Hwy Y (PDF)



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