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Certified Renewable Percentage

Take credit for even more clean energy.

We are investing in renewable energy sources to serve you, including wind and solar power. Now, we have a way for you to claim the full benefit of our increasingly clean energy mix toward your sustainability or environmental goals through a new approach, Certified Renewable Percentage.

How Certified Renewable Percentage Works

Certified Renewable Percentage allows you to count the renewable energy portion of electricity delivered to you through our regular energy mix toward your energy goals. It’s a benefit you automatically receive as a customer and is not something you need to enroll in or subscribe to.

Find more information about Certified Renewable Percentage.

Here’s the preliminary Minnesota percentage for 2018* and how we calculate it:

Total RECs retired (MWh) on behalf of customers divided by the total electricity used by customers from all sources (MWh) calculates a Certified Renewable Percentage of 23 percent.

In previous years, we only retired enough Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) annually to meet Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard, which requires that 25% of our electricity come from renewable sources. But today, we retire RECs to cover the entire renewable energy portion of the electricity that we deliver to you. That means you can take full credit for our renewables and claim Certified Renewable Percentage with confidence that it’s not being claimed by anyone else.

Learn more about environmental claims and the Federal Trade Commission Green Guides.

Increase Your Renewable Energy Use

To increase your renewable percentage or go 100% renewable, you can combine the Certified Renewable Percentage with Renewable*Connect® or Windsource®, or you can use on-site renewables, such as rooftop solar. 

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My Renewable Mix Calculator

Calculate your individual total renewable percentage, including your on-site renewable generation or voluntary program participation.

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Our vision is to deliver affordable, reliable 100% carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050. Learn more about our goals.

Energy Saving Tip

Make sure to regularly change the air filters on your HVAC system (at least once per month). Old, clogged filters are far less efficient than new ones.

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Maintaining Customer-Owned Service Lines

If you have gas or electric lines feeding a detached garage, workshop, pool heater, outdoor gas grill, or other location on your property, you need to know that you are responsible for maintaining them.

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