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Community Storage Project in Stapleton Neighborhood


For this project, we’re installing six customer batteries and six larger, grid batteries in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood to learn how energy storage can help us manage the impact of high concentrations of PV solar energy on distribution system feeders.

We’re particularly interested in learning about how batteries can help:

  • Regulate voltage
  • Reduce peak demand
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Store excess solar power during the day
  • Discharge stored power during peak energy usage times

This pilot project is one of two Innovative Clean Technology projects approved in March 2016 by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

Community Energy Storage Project in Stapleton Fact Sheet (PDF)

Grid battery locations

We’ll be installing six larger, grid batteries in the right-of-way or in easements in Stapleton’s North Central Park and Eastbridge neighborhoods in the following areas:

Set 1 - Two, 18 kW batteries:

View a photo simulation of unit placement at:
33rd Avenue and Central Park Boulevard (PDF)
35th Avenue and Trenton Street (PDF)

Set 2 - Two, 36 kW batteries:

View a photo simulation of unit placement at:
Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Galena Street (PDF)
31st Avenue and Geneva Street (PDF)

Set 3 - Two, 54 kW batteries:

View photo simulation of unit placement at:
33rd Avenue and Alton Court (PDF)
35th Avenue and Beeler Street (PDF)

Customer battery components:

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