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Georgetown Hydro Generating Station

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Water is stored and then released from the Georgetown Forebay. Additional water is stored and released from Clear Lake Reservoir. The plant normally operates as a run-of-the-river hydro plant. For most of the year, both generators are operated at less than full capacity, with generation being a function of available stream flow. However, for about three months of the year, the plant operates at full capacity with excess water spilling over the dam. The plant is controlled remotely by operators located at Cabin Creek Hydro, about five miles south of Georgetown. The operators adjust plant output in response to high or low water readings.

Georgetown Energy Museum leases a portion of the plant from Xcel Energy for historical preservation and to educate the public about the history of hydroelectric power and other methods to create energy. The museum includes exhibits and photographs, as well as household/consumer appliances relating the early use of electricity.

For More Information Call:  1-800-895-4999

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