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Safety for Our Meter Readers

Our meter readers are out rain or shine to provide you with a valuable service. Obtaining actual meter reads means your bill is based on your household’s actual consumption and is not an estimate. However, if a meter reader is unable to enter your property due to any safety hazards, your meter will not be read and your usage will be estimated. Also, quick access to your meter may be critical in an emergency, such as a natural gas leak.

The following tips will help ensure your meter is easy to reach, help protect your family and pets, and help our meter readers be able to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Home Safety:

Keep your sidewalks and areas around your outside gas and electric meters clear.

Pet Safety:

If you own a pet, for the safety of your pet and our meter readers, please secure your pet to allow us to read the meter.

Meter Reader Safety:

Provide our meter readers with a clear and friendly path to the meter.

Thank you for helping us read your meter safely. A meter that is clear of dangers helps ensure accurate billing for energy use and the safety of our meter readers and your home.

Energy Saving Tip

Turn off your lights when you leave the room—even if you'll only be gone for a moment. Contemporary light bulbs require very little energy to turn "on."

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Install carbon monoxide detectors and annually hire a qualified contractor to inspect your home for proper ventilation.

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