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Maria Sanford Middle School

For nearly 14 years, our employees have volunteered as e-mentors to the students of our partner school, Maria Sanford Middle School in Minneapolis.

Employee volunteers and students exchange weekly emails designed to strengthen students’ writing and computer skills. They also meet twice during the school year, once at Sanford to get acquainted, and again at an Xcel Energy facility for tours and to discuss careers in the utility industry.

"Sanford's partnership with Xcel Energy has been inspiring,” says Sanford teacher liaison, Ann Mack. “It has allowed students to not only improve their writing and technical skills, but also to explore careers and talk to the people who do those jobs. We’re helping to shape tomorrow's employees through our e-mentor partnership."

Sanford's partnership with Xcel Energy has been inspiring.

Employees, too, benefit by participating in the program. “It’s a wonderful way to stay connected with today's youth,” said Jamie Mailer, an Xcel Energy employee. “I like having the opportunity to build a relationship with a student and to be able to gain a different perspective. It’s amazing to see the changes that occur from the first day we meet to the day we send them off to high school.”

We also provide speakers to Sanford for its Math and Science Day, as well as sponsorship for students to spend a day at Junior Achievement’s Upper Midwest Biz Town where they learn about business, finance, and government.

High School Students

Our participation in the Itasca Project is an integral part of our commitment to youth in the Twin Cities community. Our actions towards this commitment include a partnership with the STEP-UP Achieve and Right Track programs in the Twin Cities to encourage high school students to pursue careers in the energy industry upon graduation. In Colorado, our partnership with Denver Public Schools through various CareerConnect programs, like CareerLaunch internships and CareerCoach mentorship, provide local students with experience working in the energy industry. Outside of Denver and in our Texas and Wisconsin regions, we have partnerships with various schools in order to host their students as interns in our offices, plants, and service centers.

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