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Power Generation

We make electricity


We operate major generating facilities that use a variety of fuel sources including coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel, water (hydro), oil, and refuse; we also have facilities that generate electricity from the wind and sun. In total, our plants are capable of producing more than 17,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity. One megawatt of power generated by fossil fuels or nuclear fuel provides enough electricity to serve 750 typical homes. 

We generate approximately two-thirds of our power and buy the remainder from other electricity suppliers to meet our customers’ energy needs. We have a diverse fuel mix.

Generating Facilities

2013 Owned Generating Plants

Type Plants Units Summer Net Dependable Capacity in Megawatts (MW)*
Coal 13 27 7,597
Natural gas 27 69 6,758
Nuclear 2 3 1,594
Hydro 26 79 377
Diesel/Oil 2 14 383
Refuse-derived fuel 3 6 52
Wind 3 238 42*
Solar 4 4 0.01
Total 77 owned generating plants 440 16,785

*Net generating capacity is 327 MW for Xcel Energy owned wind energy facilities. Summer net dependable capacity is determined to be lower because wind generation is an intermittent resource and is only available when ambient wind conditions exist.

Power Supply

Owned and purchased electricity supply for 2013

(Based on energy)

1 This category includes wind energy de-bundled from renewable energy credits (RECs).

2This category also incudes Windsource (RECs). See more information about RECs and Windsource in our annual Corporate Responsibility Report

3Includes distributed generation through the Solar*Rewards program.

4“Other” includes small amounts of power purchased from a number of sources.

Plant List for NSP - Minnesota (includes North and South Dakota)

Plant List for NSP - Wisconsin

Plant List for Public Service Company of Colorado

Plant List for Southwestern Public Service Company (Texas and New Mexico)

For more information contact:

Plant Information and Tour Requests — 1-800-895-4999
Minnesota Media Inquiries— 612-215-5300
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