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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR - CO

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Colorado residents save up to $710 in rebates on home improvements


Are you considering improvements or additions to your home in Colorado? Receive an estimated $710 in potential rebates on energy-efficient equipment when using Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Note: 2013 rebates are available until further notice. Rebate applications must be postmarked by July 31, 2014.


You may be eligible to receive rebates on qualifying energy-efficient equipment. When you use Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, you:

  • Benefit from an estimated $710 in rebates per home, to reduce project costs (certain conditions apply)
  • Stretch your home improvement budget by identifying which projects will maximize your home’s efficiency at the lowest cost
  • Reduce costs while maximizing efficiency to save money and energy over time
  • Find the right contractor to do the job and receive an expert review of your bids
  • Receive verification that the qualified equipment was properly installed
  • Provide your contractor with your receipts and let them do the rebate paperwork for you


To take advantage of these rebates, you must complete a Home Energy Audit first and then perform a total of three improvements from the table below.

If your auditor recommends attic insulation and bypass sealing, air sealing and weather stripping, and/or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), these specific improvements are required.

Home Performance Measures/Requirements/Rebate Amounts
Improvements Requirement Rebate Amount
Attic Insulation* - Where existing insulation is R-19 or less to an R-value of 40 or greater Up to $350+

- Where existing insulation is R-20 or more to at least R-25 higher than existing insulation

(Pre R Values of 40 or greater are not eligible for rebate)

Air Sealing & Weather Stripping* 25% - 32.9% reduction Up to $100+
33% reduction or higher Up to $160+
High-Efficiency Lighting* $2 per bulb, up to 20 CFLs or LEDs Up to $40+
Wall Insulation R 13 or higher $800
Evaporative Cooling - Standard System Tier 1 (first time install) $275
Evaporative Cooling - Standard System Tier 1 (replacement) $125
Evaporative Cooling - Premium System Tier 2 (first time install) $625
Evaporative Cooling - Premium System Tier 2 (replacement) $525
Evaporative Cooling - Whole House System Tier 3 $1,000
Central AC 14.5 SEER, EER 12 New Equipment $300
Central AC 15 SEER, EER 12.5 New Equipment $400
Central AC 16 SEER, EER 13 New Equipment $550
Central AC Trade-In 12 SEER or lower / working unit $550
Ground Source Heat Pump   $300 per ton up to $1,500
Electric Heat Pump   $550
Set Back Thermostat Programmable $25
92% AFUE High Efficiency Furnace 92% AFUE $170
94% AFUE High Efficiency Furnace 94% AFUE or higher $200
85% AFUE HE Boiler 85% AFUE or higher $160
Electrically Commuted Motor ECM furnace fan motor $200
Tankless Water Heater .82 EF or higher $200
Power Vented Water Heater .65 EF or higher $100
Energy Star Refrigerator/Primary ENERGY STAR $15
Dishwasher ENERGY STAR $15
Clothes Washer ENERGY STAR $70

*If any of these three measures are a recommended improvement from the energy audit, they must be completed in order to successfully complete the program.

+ Rebates are based on final cost of project. Amounts will equal 20% of total cost, up to specific improvement rebate amount listed above.

Note: You may qualify for additional rebates and tax incentives from your local community. Please visit rechargecolorado.com to learn more.


Who Qualifies?

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a Colorado residential natural gas and electric customer or electric customer (with electric space heating) of Xcel Energy
  • Complete a Home Energy Audit first (see details)
  • Choose a participating contractor for installation
  • Implement at least three improvements (see rebate details above)
  • Have your contractor complete final test-out inspection of improvements and have your contractor submit the rebate application with receipts
Note: 2013 rebates are available until further notice. Rebate applications must be postmarked by July 31, 2014.

How to Get Started

  1. To start now, choose a participating audit contractor. The program starts with a Blower Door or Infrared Home Energy Audit.
  2. Choose a participating Home Performance contractor and have that contractor install your recommended improvements. If you need help deciding on improvements, choosing a contractor, or reviewing bids call our trusted program partner, Populus at 303-446-7910.
  3. Have your Home Performance contractor complete the improvements and perform post-improvement inspection, including a blower door and combustion safety appliance.
  4. The contractor will collect your receipts and submit the rebate paperwork to Xcel Energy. You will receive your rebate check eight to ten weeks from when your paperwork is received.

Qualifying Equipment

For installation, choose from a list of participating contractors in Colorado. You must install only qualified, energy-saving equipment approved by ENERGY STAR. For questions regarding which equipment qualifies see the ENERGY STAR website and work with your contractor to confirm that your energy-efficient equipment qualifies.

Additional Information

To get started or if you have any questions, call our call our trusted program partner, Populus at 303-446-7910 or one of our participating Home Performance and/or audit contractors.

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