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PSCo 2013 All-Source Solicitation RFP

Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) 2013 All-Source Solicitation

Notice of Requests for Proposals


Public Service Company of Colorado, an operating company subsidiary of Xcel Energy Inc., is issuing the following three Requests for Proposals (RFP) simultaneously as a component of Public Service’s 2011 Electric Resource Plan (CPUC Docket No. 11A-869E). These three requests for proposals (collectively referred to as the PSCo 2013 All-Source Solicitation) are:
• 2013 Dispatchable Resources RFP
• 2013 Renewable Resources RFP
• 2013 Semi-Dispatchable Renewable Capacity Resources RFP

May 10, 2013 PTC Wind Bid Reduced Pricing Request

On May 10, 2013 Public Service Company notified the Commission that it is allowing PTC Wind Bidders that submitted bids on April 30, 2013 the opportunity to offer the Company reduced PTC Wind Bid pricing.  This opportunity to provide reduce pricing and the process for doing so were developed in consultation with the Independent Evaluator (“IE”).

All PTC Wind Bidders have been notified via email concerning the procedures to be followed to submit their reduced bid prices.  Reduced PTC Wind Bid prices are due no later than 4:00 PM MDT on May 17, 2013.   The PTC Wind Bidders have been directed to send their reduced PTC Wind Bid via email to the IE.   This re-pricing process will not delay the schedule for completing the evaluation of PTC Wind Bids and filing the results of that evaluation with the Commission on May 30, 2013.

PTC Wind Bids

Because of the significant impact of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) on the cost of wind energy and the opportunity created by the extension of the PTC, Public Service is considering PTC Wind Bids on an expedited schedule from the other bids in this All Source Solicitation. Bidders who intend to submit a bid for a PTC wind resource should take note of the expedited schedule for PTC wind bids as enumerated in the 2013 Renewable Resources RFP and in the Bid Schedule below.  Additional information regarding PTC Wind Bids can be found in Section 6.0 of the 2013 Renewable Resources RFP.

Submittal of Bids:  Respondents that intend to submit a bid are encouraged to submit a non-binding Form A: Notice of Intent to Respond (NOIR).  Submit the completed NOIR by email no later than 4:00 P.M. Mountain Time on April 23, 2013 to the RFP Project Manager.  There is no fee required to submit an NOIR.

Please refer to each respective RFP for explicit and complete instructions regarding submittal of bids.

Bidding and Evaluation Schedule:

Pre-Bid Conference 4/9/13
Notice of Intent to Respond Due 4/23/13
PTC Wind Bids Due 4/30/13
All-Source Bids Due 5/10/13
PTC Wind Report to Commission 5/30/13
120-Day Report to Commission 9/9/13
Commission Decision on PTC Wind Bids 10/9/13
Commission Phase 2 Decision 12/9/13

Pursuant to the Commission’s Phase I Decision in the 2011 ERP docket, the Company filed a Modeling Assumptions Update in the 11A-869E docket on April 16, 2013.  Those updates are available on the Commission website or can be downloaded in the link list below:

Updated Modeling Assumptions

The Excel spreadsheet bid forms were updated on April 19, 2013 to include the Company’s final natural gas cost forecast, updated coal cycling cost study results, and 15-minute and 30-minute flexible generation benefits, as applicable. Learn more about the Modeling Assumptions Update Colorado Electric Resource Plan.

PSCo 120-Day Report

On September 9, 2013 Public Service filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission the results of the PSCO All-Source Solicitation. The Redacted PSCO 120 - Day report detailing the results is available on the Commission website or can de downloaded here.

2013 Dispatchable Resources RFP

2013 Renewable Resources RFP

2013 Semi-Dispatchable Renewable Capacity Resources RFP

Pre-Bid Conference

The Company held a Pre-Bid Conference on April 9, 2013; attendance was either in person at 1800 Larimer St, Denver or via a webcast.  A copy of the Company's PowerPoint presentation is available below: Pre-Bid Conference Presentation (PSCO) a copy of the independent Evaluator's presentation is also available below:

Pre-Bid Conference Presentation (Accion Group) 

A Pre-Bid Conference Recording is available at this link:


The Company’s formal response to the questions posed during the Pre-Bid Conference are available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this webpage below.  Note that the Company’s written response to questions are controlling and may differ from the answers provided during the conference.
During the Conference, attendees asked for links to the Company’s 2011 ERP filing and relevant Commission decisions regarding Phase II of the Company’s plan.  The 2011 ERP website can be accessed below at Public Service Company of Colorado 2011 ERP web page.  Decisions C13-0094, C13-0323, and C13-0328 can be obtained through the links below. All of the Commission’s decisions in Docket 11A-869E can be obtained at the Commission’s website.

(Note that the Company has removed the Volume III Model RFPs, Bid Forms, and PPAs from its 2011 ERP web page to ensure that potential respondents do not base their proposals on outdated information.)

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Company's sole discretion, questions and responses received during the RFP process that are deemed germane to all parties, will be periodically posted to this RFP Web Site in a FAQ and will be emailed to those parties who have specifically provided their email addresses to the RFP Project Manager below.

Solicitation Protocol

With assistance of the Independent Evaluator, the Company has developed a protocol to ensure the 2013 All-Source Solicitation and bid evaluation process is conducted in a fashion that is fair to all bidders.  A copy of the Protocol is available below.

Contact Information

Except for discussions with the Xcel Energy Business Development Team regarding projects being offered for Company ownership, all communications between potential bidders and the Company must be conducted through the email account below. The Company will not provide any information regarding the 2013 All-Source solicitation via telephone inquiries. See the link below.

The Company will maintain a log of all inquiries and coordinate the preparation of written responses.  Once a response is prepared, the Company will forward the response to the inquiring party and, at the Company's sole discretion if the response is germane to all other respondents, all other respondents that have provided the Company an email address.  Parties without email addresses will not receive these responses directly.  

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