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2014 NSP Solar Power Request for Proposals

2014 NSP Solar Power Request for Proposals

We are reviewing proposals for up to 100 MW of PV Solar Generation Resources


We issued a Request for Proposals ("RFP") seeking to acquire up to 100 MW of large- scale PV solar generation resources from projects having a combined capacity of 5 MW (AC) or larger. We want to fulfill the requirement through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with an interest in partnering in the ownership of the project through an affiliate of ours. A copy of the RFP and other important documents can be found below under RFP & Related Documents. Proposals were due June 20, 2014. We’re currently evaluating the proposals through about mid-August followed by contract negotiations. Any resulting PPAs will be submitted to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) for approval around late October, with an MPUC decision expected by early 2015 and construction expected to commence shortly after MPUC approval.

Communication Policy

To obtain additional information about this RFP, potential bidders as well as all other parties should submit inquires to the RFP Project Manager via email at:


Parties should not attempt to acquire information through any other means including telephone calls to us. The one exception to this communication policy is for bidders interested in discussing Xcel Energy ownership opportunities. Bidders interested in partnering in the ownership of the project are strongly encouraged to contact our Business Development team prior to submitting their proposal:

Kurt Battles
Xcel Energy Business Development



RFP & Related Documents










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