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Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility Report

A report on our economic, environmental and social impact

This marks the 10th year that Xcel Energy has published an annual corporate responsibility report to share non-financial information important to stakeholders. As with past reports, our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report reviews our economic, environmental and social performance.

Xcel Energy's reporting is based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting, the most widely used and accepted framework for this type of reporting. We continue to use the GRI G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and the Electric Utilities Sector Supplement, but this year we also considered and have tried to meet the intent of GRI's new G4 guidelines.

Our Corporate Responsibility Report is a package of materials designed to meet different stakeholder information needs. It consists of the full online report that includes a GRI index of disclosures, a print overview that covers reporting highlights and a carbon dioxide reporting worksheet that we release early in the year to provide emissions and energy mix information for customers, particularly those customers who need this information for their own reporting. 

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