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Minneapolis Energy

Minneapolis Energy

Partnering for a better energy future


The city of Minneapolis and Xcel Energy have been partnering for more than a century. Minneapolis is our headquarters – we work here, we live here, we give here. Together, we’ve got a great track record. And we are working with the city of Minneapolis to achieve its energy goals.

We believe Minneapolis residents want reliable, affordable and clean energy – Xcel Energy and our 2,500 Minneapolis employees deliver just that. Because energy is our only business, we’ve become a national leader in reducing carbon emissions while keeping our electricity rates below the national average and our service reliability above the national average. We’re here every minute of the day and when severe storms hit we mobilize all resources to restore power to residents and businesses as quickly and safely as possible.

Working together we reduced emissions by 90 percent at our Riverside generating plant in northeast Minneapolis by converting to clean-burning natural gas. That’s also how we became the No. 1 wind energy provider in the U.S. for the ninth year in a row.

The Minneapolis City Council has passed a resolution stating it will not ask voters in November to authorize the establishment of a municipal utility. The resolution helps continue the progress that has been made on energy issues and keeps the focus on working together to meet the city’s energy goals. The city remains committed to its Energy Pathways study, which is exploring options to meet the city’s energy goals including utility partnerships and municipalization. Results are due February 2014. Xcel Energy is working cooperatively with the city on the study and various energy-related goals.

Our Commitment

In partnership with Minneapolis and its businesses and residents, we’ve reduced energy use and carbon emissions within the city. We’ve helped you meet your goals through our diverse energy mix and innovative, nation-leading energy programs.

• About half of the electricity we provide you is carbon free – compare that with the national average of only one-third carbon free.
• We are the No. 1 wind energy provider in the U.S. – for the ninth year – according to the American Wind Energy Association.
• We were awarded the highest ENERGY STAR® honor – the Sustained Excellence Award – for delivering energy efficiency to customers in 2012.
• Since 2005, we have reduced carbon dioxide 22 percent from the energy we provide in the Upper Midwest and we are projecting a 30 percent reduction by 2020.
• Minnesota Windsource® customers have supported the production of more than 1 billion kilowatt-hours of clean wind energy.
• By using our energy-efficiency programs, Minnesota Xcel Energy customers have saved enough energy since 1992 to avoid building 10 power plants.

Results from Partnering

Xcel Energy works with our communities to help provide innovative energy solutions. We bring real expertise and experience to the table. Through our partnership with the city of Minneapolis we have tackled and implemented ground-breaking initiatives.

• Through our partnership, one of the largest photovoltaic solar arrays in Minnesota is atop the Minneapolis Convention Center. It received a $2 million grant from Xcel Energy’s Renewable Development Fund.
• Together with the city of Minneapolis, we and other partners developed the Energy Innovation Corridor (EIC), a first-of-its-kind clean energy and transportation showcase along University Ave. between Minneapolis and St. Paul. To date the EIC has avoided more than 1 billion pounds of carbon emissions and partnered to obtain Solar America Cities funding. The EIC recently won the prestigious Environmental Initiative award in the energy and climate protection category.
• As part of the Metro Emissions Reduction Plan, the Riverside Generating Plant was converted to utilize clean-burning natural gas. With an investment of more than $210 million its emissions have been reduced by about 90 percent.
• A total of 24 buildings in Minneapolis participated in our second annual Kilowatt Crackdown and saved 5.8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity – that’s a reduction of nearly 3,000 tons of carbon emissions, which is like taking 560 vehicles off the road each year.
• We are working with the city of Minneapolis on a Renewable Development Fund grant for an innovative new community solar garden project in Minneapolis.

We care about the Community

Our energy doesn’t stop with providing energy. We care about more. Together we make a stronger Minneapolis because we care about the community.

• When tornados ravaged North Minneapolis in 2010, we put more than 400 employees on the job and worked around the clock to rebuild the electric system. We are able to do this because of our depth of experience and resources.
• Restoring power quickly and safely requires expertise and resources. The recent severe storms caused more than 600,000 outages – that’s about half of our customers. 1,000 linemen worked 16 hour days, along with numerous support personnel to restore service in just a few days.
• Corporate giving in Minneapolis alone totaled more than $1.2 million, which benefited the United Way and other nonprofits with contributions, grants, dollars for employee volunteerism and in-kind donations.
• 2,500 Xcel Energy people work in Minneapolis – about half of our Minnesota workforce.
• Our employees volunteered more than 20,000 hours in the community.
• Corporate giving totaled $2.3 million dollars; about two-thirds went to the Greater Twin Cities United Way and Minneapolis-based nonprofits received the remaining.
• In 2016, we will move into our new headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, supporting the city’s goal to reinvigorate the north end of Nicollet Mall.

Providing Choices

We provide choices and options to go cleaner and leaner.

• 100 percent renewable Windsource® has been chosen by nearly 6,500 city businesses and residents.
• Last year Xcel Energy provided nearly $8 million in rebates to more than 4,400 city residents and business on voluntary energy efficiency programs.
• Minneapolis customers have eliminated more than 21,000 tons of carbon emissions through partnerships on energy efficiency efforts with Xcel Energy in 2012. That’s like taking 4,500 cars off the road each year.
• To sign up for renewable energy options, like Windsource® or to find money and energy saving programs and rebates, check out ResponsibleByNature.com.

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