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Heating Efficiency for Trade Partners

As a Minnesota Trade Partner, you have an opportunity to receive cash incentives when customers earn rebates through our Heating Efficiency program. Customers can earn rebates when they replace or upgrade to high efficiency boilers, furnaces, and commercial water heaters Boiler energy improvements also qualify such as tune-ups and steam-trap repair and replacement.

New Boiler Efficiency Requirements

Full Load Efficiency Requirements
Boiler type New boiler size Unit of measurement
Steam or Hot Water <300,000 BTU/h AFUE
Steam or Hot Water ≤ 300,000 BTU/h and

<=2,500,000 BTU/h

Et (Thermal Eff)
Hot Water only >2,500,000 BTU/h Ec (Combustion Eff)
Steam only >2,500,000 BTU/h Et (Thermal Eff)
  • Rebates for commercial water heaters are for direct fired commercial water heaters > 75,000 BTUH and must use natural gas to qualify for a heating rebate.
  • The minimum efficiency for a direct fired commercial water heaters is 92%.

New Policy Changes

Boiler tune-ups - effective 3-23-18 - the documentation requirements have been expanded to accept the following:

  • Electronic print out of flue gas analyzer test - preferred method
  • Handwritten results
  • Information printed on the invoice

Boiler replacement - effective 6-28-18 - the policy regarding this measure has been clarified regarding the Minnesota State Boiler Inspection report and other acceptable forms of documentation to determine the age of the boiler.

Replacement boiler rebates are available to eligible customers who are replacing a functioning or working boiler less than 30 years old. The replacement boiler must be the same size or smaller in order to qualify for the replacement boiler rebate otherwise the rebate will revert to the new boiler rebate.

  • Copy of the current Minnesota State Boiler Inspection report indicating boiler was functional prior to it being replaced. The State of Minnesota requires all boilers 750,000 BTUH or larger to have an inspection, per the State of Minnesota statutes 326B.988 line #13.
  • If the MN State Boiler Inspection report is not available or if the boiler being replaced is less than 750,000 BTUH then one of the following forms of documentation are acceptable to verify the age of the replacement boiler to qualify for this rebate;
    • Copy of the city permit showing the date the boiler was installed
    • Copy of the insurance certificate showing the date the boiler was installed
    • Picture of the boiler name plate showing the date the boiler was installed
    • Boiler serial number
    • Copy or print out of the manufacturer model number with date range the boiler model was manufactured
    • Email from the trade partner and customer certifying the boiler was functioning and less than 30 years old
      • The customer and trade partner will be required to sign and date the replacement boiler certification section on the updated application certifying the boiler that was replaced was functioning and less than 30 years old at the time it was replaced. See revised rebate application for additional information.

New boiler rebates are available to eligible customers who install a boiler where on never existed, or replacing a non-operating (non-working) boiler or if the replacement boiler is larger than the boiler that was removed.

Trade Incentives

  • Heating-efficiency equipment/improvements: 10% of the customer's rebate for all qualifying efficiency projects (excluding Tune-Ups and Tune-Up Plus); maximum $5,000/project for completed projects
  • Boiler Tune-Ups: $25/building boiler system tune-up (limit one per site, every other year)
  • Boiler Tune-Up Plus: $150 for systems ≤ 1 MMBTUH; $300 for systems > 1 MMBTUH

Heating Efficiency Rebates 

Visit our Heating Efficiency page to see the full listing of Heating Efficiency rebates available as well as downloadable info sheets, rebate applications, and case studies.

How to Get Started

  1. Complete the appropriate application per included instructions and requirements. Have customer sign application prior to submittal.

  2. Use the alternative rebate recipient section if the rebate will go to someone other than the customer.

  3. Be sure to include the following information:
    • Invoices showing product model numbers
    • Manufacturer’s spec sheets for products whose efficiencies are not listed
    • Your Trade Partner ID to qualify for trade incentives
  4. If you have any questions, please call our Business Solutions Center at 855-839-8862 or contact your client’s account manager.

Online Rebate Applications

Use our convenient, online, self-service application to apply for rebates. The process should take about 15 minutes to complete. You must complete and submit the application in its entirety prior to logging out as progress cannot be saved.

You will need:

  1. An electronic copy (or copies) of your proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, etc.)
  2. An electronic copy of equipment specifications or proposals, if required.
  3. Start your online application


Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding Heating Efficiency for Trade Partners or need information regarding a Trade Partner ID, contact trade relations manager, Greg Olson, at or our Business Solutions Center at 855-839-8862.

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