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Data Center Efficiency for Trade Partners

The Data Center Efficiency program can significantly cut energy costs for your client’s IT operations or data center. Data Center Efficiency helps our business customers address efficiency in such sites with study funding and cash incentives for implementation of preapproved projects.


  • Provides your clients with information on a variety of techniques to reduce energy costs and identify rebates for energy conservation opportunities
  • Helps you present a report that builds a business case for project approval and details how to best run a data center at peak efficiency
  • Your customers can earn rebates of as much as 75 percent of the cost of an energy efficiency study, up to $25,000 (preapproval required)
  • Your customers may qualify to receive rebates of $400 per kilowatt (kW) saved on energy-efficient implementations

If you are interested in a Data Center Efficiency study or upgrade project for your customer, you will first need to obtain pre-approval before the study or the upgrade project begins.

A proposed study should address IT, facility or both types of efficiency measures. The proposal should address: data center layout; customer concerns, issues or problems identified; preliminary recommendations for improvements; and study cost. Our energy efficiency engineer will work with you to approve the final study, including the energy conservation opportunities (ECO) and rebates.

Projects that were not identified through a study are still eligible for implementation rebates. Non-study projects also require pre-approval from Xcel Energy. This means project and rebate approval are required before equipment is ordered or purchased.


As an Xcel Energy registered trade partner, you can earn a trade incentive of 10 percent of your customer’s rebate amount (minimum $50, maximum $5,000) for completed (installed and operational) projects. Simply write your Trade Partner ID on the Data Center Efficiency project pre-approval application when you submit it to Xcel Energy.

If you need a Trade Partner ID, complete and return the Trade Partner ID Registration Request Form (PDF).

To qualify, customers must:

  • Receive pre-approval before the study and implementation of any measures
  • Be an Xcel Energy business electricity customer in Minnesota

How to Get Started

If you have not previously performed a study through our program, contact us to discuss your qualifications and get pre-qualified. Please call our trade relations manager, Greg Olson at 612-330-6158 or email to learn more or see the Study Provider application. Be sure to attach your study proposal to the preapproval application.

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