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As an owner or manager of residential properties, you need to anticipate problems before they happen. Our tools and information help you stay ahead of the challenge.

Move In/Move Out Best Practices

Use the following guidelines and helpful tips to help make the process simple and efficient when residents move in or out.

Moving In

Have new residents visit Start Service to begin their service with us. If your resident was already an Xcel Energy customer, have them visit Transfer Service to transfer their service to the new location. If you have questions about the process, please contact us. Once service is activated, ask your new resident to provide you with their Xcel Energy premises number (a unique identifier that we assigned to the service address) before you issue the key. A new resident may already have an Xcel Energy account number because of previous service.

If you prefer to handle service set up yourself for your new residents, you can call us at 800-895-4999, or have the resident fill out our New Occupant Application (PDF). When using the application:

Moving Out

If your resident is moving out, have them visit Stop Service to discontinue their service with us. If your resident is relocating to a premises that is still in one of our service areas, have them visit Transfer Service to transfer their service to the new location. Avoid date disputes at move out by using the Discontinuation of Service Form and Instructions (PDF).

Additional Resources & Documents

Find additional information below, including:

Landlord Agreements

Landlord agreements allow you to preselect the action we will take when a resident moves out.

Automatic Turn On
With Automatic Turn On (ATO), service is automatically transferred back to you when your tenant moves out. You will be notified by mail when a service address is transferred back.

To set up this service, complete the Billing of Vacant Rental Property Agreement (PDF) and mark the ATO box on the agreement form. When we receive your request for ATO, we will contact you to determine the best bill configuration for your vacant units and your accounts payable process. (See Billing & Payment)

Lock on Disconnect
The Lock on Disconnect (LOD) option is not usually recommended as it involves the service being physically disconnected when a resident moves out, and reconnected when a new resident moves in. Charges to lock and unlock the meter may be applied.

Reconnections are generally completed by the end of the next business day but can be delayed in out-state areas and by emergency situations. In addition, someone must be present to provide access for all gas service reconnections.

To set up Lock on Disconnect, complete the Billing of Vacant Rental Property Agreement (PDF) and mark the LOD box on the agreement form.

Please note: Failure to notify Xcel Energy of the sale or ownership change may result in late payment charges and/or billing may revert to the landlord of record until we are notified of the sale.

Third Party Notifications

When service is disconnected for non-payment, there can be consequences for property managers as well as for the resident involved. Third Party Notice notifies you about disconnection notices sent to your residents.

  • When you are aware of the pending disconnection of an occupied unit, you can address the situation with the resident and take measures to avoid damage to property (such as refrigerators) that may result from the disconnection.
  • Third party notice may also alert you to a pending disconnection on a vacant unit if a tenant moved out without notifying us to end service. You can avoid unnecessary disconnections by contacting us to transfer service back to you.

We recommend that the resident complete the Third Party Notice Form (PDF) before keys are issued. The form must be signed by the resident and property manager to be valid. You may also choose to add language to your lease indicating Third Party Notice is required for utilities.

Third Party Notice Form Mailing Information

Mailing Address:

Xcel Energy
Attn: Correspondence
PO Box 8
Eau Claire, WI 54702-0008


Fax: 1-800-895-2895

Synchronized Billing

When you manage multiple properties, we recommend using Synchronized Billing to reduce the number of statements you receive each month. Synchronized Billing allows you to combine multiple vacant rental properties on one account. Synchronized Billing can also be set up on a separate account for your house meters. Synchronized Billing accounts receive one statement per month with one due date, which can greatly simplify payments. The Synchronized Bill statement includes:

  • A summary section that lists each active property and the total balance due
  • Additional pages for each property with detailed billing information
  • One bill stub to remit with payment

Some property managers prefer to receive one synchronized bill for all vacant rental units and another for house meters. Others prefer to have a separate synchronized bill for vacant units in each building. If you manage rentals for multiple owners, you may need a synchronized bill for each business entity. We can work with you to determine the billing format that works most efficiently with your accounts payable process.


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