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Application Screening Process

Once received, an application must first be deemed complete. This means a high level review indicated all necessary information is in hand and we can provide meaningful feedback. If the type and size of the generation is eligible for screening, the interconnection request is checked against several broad screening criteria. If the site passes all checks, the request can bypass the full engineering study process and proceed directly to an interconnection agreement. Failure of any screening criterion does not automatically disqualify the site from being able to interconnect. However, it typically means that a more detailed engineering analysis is needed. Sometimes a screen failure can be addressed with a known mitigation and estimate without requiring a detailed study. 

Energy Saving Tip

Turn off your lights when you leave the room—even if you'll only be gone for a moment. Contemporary light bulbs require very little energy to turn "on."


Gas Meter Safety

Keep your natural gas meter dry and clear of snow and ice at all times to avoid the potential for dangerous indoor natural gas buildup.

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