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Corporate Responsibility Report

A report on Xcel Energy’s economic, environmental and social performance

While Xcel Energy consistently delivers strong financial and operational performance, we recognize that our customers and other stakeholders expect more. In a changing and challenging energy marketplace we are forging our path to a more sustainable energy future. We are investing in our energy future, supporting the communities we serve, and offering customers cleaner options and more control over their energy use.

Learn about the value we are delivering in Xcel Energy’s 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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  • Xcel Energy’s 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report
  • Xcel Energy’s 2014 Corporate Responsibility Overview
  • The Index of Global Reporting Initiative disclosures
  • Xcel Energy’s carbon dioxide emissions and energy supply worksheet

Xcel Energy has published an annual corporate responsibility report since 2005 to share non-financial information with our customers and the communities we serve, along with investors, employees and other stakeholders. The report is a package of materials designed to meet different information needs—including a full report, a printed “overview”, a GRI index and a worksheet that provides the company’s carbon dioxide and energy supply information early, prior to publication of the report.

Our reporting is based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines—the most widely used and accepted framework for sustainability reporting. Our current report uses GRI’s G4 guidelines and the Electric Utilities sector-specific supplement. However, there are instances where we track information for disclosure differently or not at all, based on our company or stakeholder information needs. We have noted these items in the GRI index that accompanies our report.

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