Operating Companies

Xcel Energy Inc.’s operations include the activity of four wholly owned utility subsidiaries that serve electric and natural gas customers in eight states. These utility subsidiaries, referred to as operating companies, are Northern States Power Company-Minnesota, Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin, Public Service Company of Colorado and Southwestern Public Service Company.

Along with WYCO Development LLC, a joint venture formed with Colorado Interstate Gas Company (CIG) to develop and lease natural gas pipeline, storage and compression facilities, and WestGas Interstate, Inc. (WGI), an interstate natural gas pipeline company, these companies make up the continuing regulated utility operations.

Xcel Energy Services (XES) is the service company for the Xcel Energy holding company system. XES provides a variety of administrative, management, engineering, construction, environmental and support services, including the company’s philanthropic division.

Xcel Energy Transmission Development Company, LLC (XETD) and Xcel Energy Southwest Transmission Company, LLC (XEST) are transmission-only subsidiaries that will participate in Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) competitive bidding processes for transmission projects. Xcel Energy West Transmission Company, LLC (XEWT) is a transmission-only subsidiary that will competitively bid on transmission projects in the western United States.

Additionally, we have one non-regulated subsidiary in continuing operations, Eloigne Company, which invests in rental housing projects that qualify for low-income housing tax credits.

Northern States Power Company-Minnesota (NSPM)

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Electricity and natural gas service (electricity only in South Dakota)

Christopher B. Clark, president

Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin (NSPW)

Wisconsin, Michigan

Electricity and natural gas service

Mark E. Stoering, president

  • Customers:
    • Electricity: 254,547
    • Natural gas: 111,121
  • Communities served:

Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo)


Electricity and natural gas service

David L. Eves, president

  • Customers:
    • Electricity: 1,413,611
    • Natural gas: 1,347,459
  • Communities served:

Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS)

Texas, New Mexico

Electricity service only

David T. Hudson, president

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