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As a company, we are focused on building a workforce of people who bring their best to work every day. A significant part of our engagement effort involves empowering employees to create change within the company. By engaging our employees effectively, we can increase productivity, work more efficiently and collaborate across business units to share best practices and solve problems.

In 2014, we are auditing our employee messaging effectiveness to identify opportunities where we can improve our messages to promote the values and behaviors we expect from employees. Research shows that alignment in messaging can help employees connect their work to the bigger picture and increase engagement. Integrated messaging should also help us attract candidates who fit well within our culture.

Another initiative for 2014 is the New Hire Connection program. One of the first chances we get to make a positive impact on the employee experience is with our on-boarding and orientation programs. The New Hire Connection program will orient new employees to our business and culture, provide information and tools to increase productivity, and encourage new employees to build relationships across the organization. It will begin with a two-day, in-person orientation and will continue with support, information and connections throughout an employee’s first year with Xcel Energy.

Finally, the Talent Profile initiative, another new program in 2014, will enable employees to showcase their skills and career goals through an interactive online profile. The profiles will be used to drive dialogue between managers and employees about career aspirations, potential career paths, development opportunities and performance.

2013 Engagement Survey Results

Our 2013 employee engagement survey had an 81 percent participation rate with an 81.5 percent overall engagement score. Based on an analysis of our results, we are focusing ongoing efforts to improve engagement in three key categories:

  • Image and corporate responsibility
  • Operating effectiveness
  • Empowerment and involvement

Employees have the opportunity to submit comments anonymously as part of the engagement survey, allowing them to speak up and be heard by Xcel Energy leaders. In addition to the survey, employees can provide input during the question and answer portion of regular webcasts hosted by Ben Fowke, and in face-to-face business area meetings held by the leaders of those groups.

Employee Recognition Programs

Employee recognition is a powerful tool that can help build trust, engage employees and improve productivity—all contributing to improved bottom-line results.

Power of Recognition

The Power of Recognition program supports employee engagement by providing tools for Xcel Energy leaders and employees to recognize individuals whose work supports the value, brand and goals of our company. We have a corporate budget of $1.1 million to support this program and ensure our employees are recognized for deserving efforts. In 2013, there were 12,286 recognition moments.

Years of Contribution

Our Years of Contribution program honors employees for contributions and accomplishments during their careers. Recognition occurs at an employee’s five-year anniversary with the company, every five years after that and upon retirement. In 2013, 1,492 years of contribution and 384 retirements were honored.