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Resource Planning

Regulatory commissions in some of the major states we serve require us to submit resource plans at regularly established intervals. The plans generally assess the resources necessary to serve customers’ future energy requirements. They also discuss our future energy efficiency program goals and summarize our transmission planning process and other resources we may need to acquire based on our studies of future load growth. The regulatory review for these plans includes input from customers and other stakeholders.

The filing of a resource plan marks the beginning of a two-phase process, which typically concludes with a competitive acquisition process for all necessary power supplies. During phase 1, the focus is on developing a framework of assumptions to be used in phase 2. Xcel Energy and other stakeholders have the opportunity to advocate for specific assumptions that will form the basis for subsequent plans.

During phase 2, we release one or more request for proposals (RFPs), which are either general or which target specific generation technologies. Using the results from the phase 1 process, we develop multiple ways to meet the resource need and advocate for our preferred plan. Again, stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide testimony on the best course of action, and the public utilities commission will then rule on the resources to be acquired.

Read more about our resource plans in Colorado, Texas/New Mexico and the Upper Midwest.

2020 Projected Energy Mix (based on resource plans and current energy forecasts)
  Upper Midwest Colorado Texas/New Mexico Xcel Energy
Coal 33% 48% 54% 43%
Natural Gas 13% 23% 21% 18%
Nuclear 29% -- -- 12%
Wind 17% 26% 24% 22%
Solar 1% 3% 1% 2%
Biomass 2% -- -- 1%
Hydro 5% -- -- 2%