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Productivity through Technology

Productivity through Technology (PTT) is an initiative we started in 2012 to uncover innovative solutions to ease employee work challenges. We are currently and will continue to evaluate tools and technologies that can streamline, simplify and improve work processes across Xcel Energy and, in particular, in our finance, operations and nuclear groups.

The objective of PTT is to support future workforce challenges and minimize O&M growth while improving operational reliability. The work is driven by a team of more than 50 employees and focuses on implementing enterprise-wide systems based on long-term strategic plans.

Through the early phases of PTT, we’ve learned that addressing how employees use technology and how it’s incorporated into our processes is just as important as which technology improvements we select. Approaching our PTT work in this comprehensive manner enables us to get the most value from our technology investments.

In 2013, the PTT team began work on the next phase of the initiative—creating a master inventory of all work capabilities that must be met and incorporated into a new enterprise system. This Design & Requirements phase kicked off in August 2013 with documentation of the current condition of company processes and tools.

Work in 2014 will focus on three primary areas:

  1. Creating a blueprint of system design considerations for our finance and operations groups to better understand the business requirements for systems being developed
  2. Implementing rapid process and role improvements to provide near-term value to the operations group, particularly in terms of scheduling, work/asset management and mobility
  3. Enabling the PTT program through improvements in support functions, such as program management and governance, change management and information management

Additionally, we will be begin implementing a new financial accounting system, upgrades to our capital asset accounting system and improvements to our reporting processes.