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About This Report

Reporting Period
Jan. 1, 2013 – Dec. 31, 2013
Date of Previous Report
May 2013
Reporting Cycle
Report Boundary
Xcel Energy and its four utility subsidiaries
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Xcel Energy’s Corporate Responsibility Report covers the company’s economic, environmental and social performance with specific focus on our seven strategic priorities. These priorities are important to Xcel Energy’s ongoing success and the sustainability of our operations, both today and in the future.

Our strategic priorities reflect the issues and interests of our many stakeholders. As a regulated public utility we interact with stakeholders on a daily basis through the dozens of proposals and reports that we file with our public utilities commissions; through our ongoing interactions with customers, large and small; and through regular meetings and contacts with investors, suppliers, elected officials and others. Having a clear understanding of our stakeholders and our impact helps us to set priorities and create a course of action to ensure a sustainable and socially responsible future. We cannot act effectively without considering this input.

For the purposes of this report, our stakeholders are those individuals and groups who affect or are affected by our business operations. We have divided these stakeholders into five categories:

  1. Customers
  2. Employees
  3. Communities
  4. Legislators and Regulators
  5. Investors

In this report, we strive to meet the information needs of these stakeholder groups based on the input and interests that we hear and learn of every day. We continue to base our Corporate Responsibility Report on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and the Electric Utilities Sector Supplement, which we have used since 2008. This year we also have considered GRI’s G4 guidelines. We have tried to meet the intent of these new guidelines and to incorporate them as much as possible; however, there are instances where we do not currently track the information requested in the G4 guidelines or the information is not a priority for our stakeholders. We have noted these items in the GRI index that accompanies our report.

Our first Corporate Responsibility Report (formerly known as the Triple Bottom Line report) was published in April 2005, with the contents covering the 2004 calendar year, and we have published a similar report in each following year. In 2012, we began publishing the full report online. We believe the online format is convenient to use and provides easier access to information for our stakeholders. Throughout the report, we provide links to data and information published in our other corporate reports, such as the Form 10-K and the proxy statement. To promote the full report and encourage our stakeholders to access it online, we have produced a much shorter overview publication to distribute at our annual shareholders’ meeting and other events.