Workforce Strategy

In the next five years, 36 percent of our employees will be eligible for retirement. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for us as we design a workforce of the future and determine what our workforce culture will be. We have made it our mission to proactively shape an environment that attracts and retains the best employees, develops inspirational and courageous leaders, and holds employees accountable for operational excellence. With an emphasis on a performance-based culture, we have implemented a number of innovative professional development programs and improved our use of technology to strengthen planning and recruitment efforts.

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About the Report

We published our first corporate responsibility report (formerly known as the Triple Bottom Line report) in April 2005, with the contents covering the 2004 calendar year, and we have published a similar report in each following year. Our report is based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, the most widely used sustainability reporting framework in the world. Additionally, we incorporate the GRI's Electric Utilities Sector Supplement indicators wherever possible.

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About the Report